Victrix Gambit Controller Review: The fastest controller for Xbox

Today we are talking about fastest controller,it is not new that the competitive world within the universe of video games is getting bigger and bigger, turning e-sports into a very competitive and increasingly professionalized field,where both players and teams look for ways to improve to succeed.

And as happens in any conventional sport, in such a tight space any small advantage or improvement that can be brought to the player can be critical to achieving victory. This is why companies are increasingly striving to develop better controllers, headphones or mice and keyboards with which to scratch those small windows of improvement for the player.

It is with this idea that Victrix, the company focused on devices for e-sports and the competitive world, has created a fastest controller that they present us as “the Xbox licensed fastest controller in the world.” Today, as we did with the Victrix Gambit headset, we bring you a review of the remote to see its lights and shadows .

One controller and a million possibilities

At this point, we are no longer surprised by Xbox controllers with great configuration or re-mapping possibilities , such as the Razer Wolverine, the Turtle Beach Recon Controller or even the Xbox Elite controller itself, which opened the door to professional controllers, inside the console with new extra buttons and finishes designed for use in competitive environments.

The Victrix Gambit is not far behind, allowing us not only a wide configuration of buttons through the special menu accessible with the lower central button of the remote, but also we have different interchangeable elements such as a silicone casing with which to make less noise when play or yoistick of different sizes with which to adapt the controller to our style of play or to the moment in which we find ourselves, choosing for example a shorter stick for faster movements or a longer one to improve the precision of the movement.

This is how Xbox licensed Gambit fastest controller looklike
This is how Xbox licensed Gambit fastest controller look like

The rear part and even the pad also offers us interchangeable options, for example in the case of the latter, looking for a more effective configuration in fighting games.

And, although at first the use of a cable may seem like a handicap, the truth is that the use of this compared to wireless technology reduces the lag of the command response, and in a peripheral that bases its reason for being on scratching any kind of revenge, we understand that its use is justified, despite not being the most comfortable at the user level.

Real speed or marketing?

From Victrix they assure us that the Gambit Controller is the fastest controller for Xbox thanks to the dual-core processor dedicated largely to the movement of the sticks and triggers, reducing the latency of the responses by several ms.

Obviously, if we do not have a specialized test center at home, it is impossible to know if this is true or not, and we must be guided by the sensations that the device offers us. And indeed the feeling we have when playing with the Gambit Controller is that it is a really fastest controller and that it allows us to play very precisely.

In fact, in some moments that agility has been counterproductive, since the excessive sensitivity of the rear triggers blocked in short distance generated the occasional accidental shot.

However, this internal technology has a price, which seems to have significantly affected the finishes of the control. The controller feels good in the hand, its reduced weight makes it quite easy to endure long gaming sessions with it, but it doesn’t really feel like a “premium” controller, being far from the touch of other controllers on the market and even the controller itself original Xbox Series S / X.

The plastic casing feels a bit flimsy and at times gives the feeling of fragility that we don’t want to have in a controller. Even so, as we say this, they are general sensations and the controller has not given us any kind of problem despite playing a lot with it.On the other hand, the feel of the sticks or the pad is really good, with a metallic design and a rubber finish that gives a totally opposite feeling to that of the general structure of the control.

Last conclusions

Without a doubt, this is a command designed to make a difference. As we have said, it is a controller created and focused on competitive play, although that does not prevent casual players from enjoying the advantages it offers.

If you are looking for a “PRO” controller with many adjustment possibilities that can give you an extra in your games and that has an affordable price, the Gambit Controller may be an interesting option. We await a possible future revision of the remote control in which they reinforce the quality of the materials chosen a little to avoid that somewhat uncomfortable feeling sometimes when using it, since in terms of possibilities the peripheral is amply covered.

You can find the Victrix Gambit Controller at a starting price of 99 Euros in the main stores such as Amazon.

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