Huawei phones to launch with HarmonyOS

What if the Huawei P40 were one of the last mobile phones of the brand to carry Android inside? Until not too long ago, it might seem unlikely. but since Huawei’s relationship with the United States does not improve, this idea could be a reality. Chinese tech giant company has planned its Huawai phones to launch with HarmonyOS.

Huawei plans to promote the deployment of its replacement operating system for Android, and its future mobiles could arrive with it inside.

At least that is what we can read between the lines in the latest statements by Yu Chengdong , CEO of Huawei’s consumer division, in which he states that his own operating system, HarmonyOS, could give life to the brand’s future mobiles .

Such information is somewhat contradicted by the latest statements of the company in that regard, in which it ensured that HarmonyOS was not here to replace Android . However, almost a year has passed since then, and your ideas may have changed.

Huawei will start launching new devices with HarmonyOS this year

Due to unfair relationship with USA, Huawai phones to launch with HarmonyOS. In his remarks, Yu states that the company’s next smartwatch will be one of the first with HarmonyOS inside. After its arrival, the company plans to start using this operating system as a platform for other products of different types, including smartphones and tablets.

If such a statement comes true, the idea would be to make HarmonyOS a global operating system , capable of empowering any type of smart device, thus encompassing all the gadgets offered by the company, and completely replacing Android .

Beyond that, it is rumored that the future Huawei Mate 40 that should arrive in September will be the brand’s last mobile with a Kirin processor , given that the brand’s inability to work with American companies would force the brand to cease its development of new chips.

In fact, everything seems to indicate that version 2.0 of HarmonyOS will be announced this September , coinciding with the arrival of the Mate 40 itself.

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