Best Future Games releases from present to year 3020

The future games releases will be different and advanced than of today. Games have been so successful in last decade. More and more games have been released by different game companies. A thermonuclear war, a cyberpunk dystopia or the conquest of the universe. The world of video games has put us in all kinds of situations, scenarios and experiences.

Through them we have suffered, laughed and, above all, enjoyed. That is why we have compiled the most important dates that the most important titles hold for us. Who knows, some of the futures may come true and you better be prepared.

Future Games Releases in next decades

We have a list of 21 video games that we are enjoying and will be more productive in future game releases. Below are the games, that you should check out and give us feedback. These Future Games releases game list are based on our editor recommendations.

Perfect Dark (2023)

The return of Agent Joanna Dark is just around the corner. After the announcement during The Game Awards 2020, The Initiative revealed that it is working on a new adaptation of this universe. This game is expected to be most wanted game in its future games releases too.

In theory, there are barely a couple of years left to enjoy an intergalactic war between two alien races, with the human species involved in the middle. Wonderful, right?

Watch Dogs Legion (2026)

Ubisoft brought us the third installment of one of its biggest franchises last year. Watch Dogs Legion became one of the most interesting intergenerational titles with which to test our Xbox Series X / S or PS5.

Now, the capital of England has become a place where order, law and information traffic reign . Restrictions on both individual and collective freedoms don’t sound very appealing, although being able to hack an ATM does sound much better.

Metro Exodus (2036)

One of the worst possible futures. Metro Exodus takes us to a world in which nuclear wars have ended up burying humanity in subway tunnels.

Russia is the perfect setting to exemplify the reasons for not leaving the underground conduits. Mutant beings of all kinds, merciless hunters and a ruthless cold are the main obstacles that we will encounter.

Detroit Become Human (2038)

¿ Human androids who serve and meet all our needs ? A signature stamped with fire would be the answer of many of us, since we could not worry about many daily tasks thanks to them.

However, Detroit Become Human provides a different vision, since from the point of view of the robots, they are being used indiscriminately; they only seek their place in the world.

The Last of Us Part II (2039)

The recent GOTY. The Last of Us Part II is one of the most important titles in recent years. Naughty Dog had to face the legacy of his own work and the play was perfect.

For the most clueless: hell. This is how we could define the planet Earth that has been invaded by the cordyceps virus and that transforms human beings into uncontrolled beasts . This game is also expected to be most wanted game in its future games releases too. You may not even be able to sleep soundly with the marauders lurking.

Crysis 3 (2047)

A New York covered by a gigantic dome due to the invasion of an alien race . Why do all the invasions always happen in this happy city?

Be that as it may, having a cyber suit that endows us with unique abilities sounds good. Crysis 3 doesn’t portend the best future for the Big Apple, but that suit would surely suit us wonderfully.

Deus Ex (2052)

Nanotechnology, cyberpunk aesthetics and one of the best RPGs in history. Deus Ex laid the foundations of how to make a title in which to be able to tour a futuristic city, choose different options and decide our future.

Thanks to implants, we could enjoy different body improvements. Faster, stronger or stealthier; as always in the saga, it’s your decision.

WipeOut (2052)

If you think you are the best driving your parents’ Seat Ibiza, dare to ride an F3600 . Few futures occur to me with more excitement than the one presented by WipeOut.

Formula 1, Hamilton, Alonso and company have been left far behind. The races here are truly dizzying and piloting one of those hovercraft sounds tremendously appetizing.

Cyberpunk 2077 (2077)

The game of the year; practically, of the decade. Cyberpunk 2077 has become the talk of all discussions in the community. It is not for less. Millions of players are roaming Night City right now.

CD Projekt always presented the city as the paradigm of the cyberpunk vision. Cybernetic implants, people who are more machines than humans and a technology that bathes everything. Sounds interesting, especially if we don’t find any of the damn bugs. This game will be successful game in its future games releases too.

Observer System Redux (2084)

Hacking and invading the minds of suspects is the main task that we develop in Observer: System Redux. Bloober Team’s work achieves an excellent set-up for the new generation.

2084 is a world where your thoughts can be manipulated , the police are private, and your memories may not really belong to you. Quite a grim future.

System Shock 2 (2114)

What better than a space station dominated by artificial intelligence and us trying to survive? System Shock 2 , Ken Levine’s work inspired a multitude of future developers and has become a benchmark for the industry .

Let’s see, the part of implanting ourselves with cyberpunk elements and developing our skills doesn’t look bad at all; about facing beings from hell and if that, another day.

Alien Isolation (2137)

One of the most terrifying works of recent years. Alien Isolation made us fear the alien more than ever, as the artificial intelligence designed by The Creative Assembly is downright impressive.

The aesthetics of the Ridley Scott films wash over Sevastopol and it might even be nice if it weren’t for the most disturbing androids we’ve thrown in our faces.

Mass Effect (2183)

Not one, but up to three games make up the original Mass Effect series. The franchise has suffered a swing with Mass Effect Andromeda , although from BioWare they seem to be putting all the meat on the grill with the next installment.

While controlling Commander Shepard, we enjoyed the greatest technological advances that humanity has experienced in its history. Sounds like a fair enough future to me.

Fallout 4 (2287)

Yes, touring the Wasteland probably sounds terribly appetizing in the comfort of your living room, but the future that Fallout 4 describes is not exactly palatable.

Nuclear bombs have swept the world as you knew it ; not only that, now you have to catch up to save your baby. Sometimes you think that it is best if a Deathclaw appears in your way and ends everything. This game have always been the players favorite and gamers expect same in its future games releases too.

The Outer Worlds (2355)

Future classic in which the X president of the United States was never assassinated and the space race was only for the better. In The Outer Worlds we will have to unravel the intentions of the corporations that dominate the world.

The comparison is simple: a Fallout on another planet . The truth is that I don’t think I’ll ever see this future unless I fall into a cryogenization chamber delivering pizza, but I certainly signed it.

Dead Space (2508)

No, no and a thousand times no. I absolutely refuse to ride at USG Ishimura, Dead Space’s mining station . The now defunct Visceral Games devised one of the most disturbing survival horror of two generations ago.

Necromorphs are beings lacking intelligence and dominated by their instincts, which are very used to giving hugs with the blades of their hands. The best thing is to send Isaac Clarke to solve this problem, he will know what to do.

Killzone (2357)

The Helghasts may be strongly reminiscent of a certain dictatorial party, which seems like enough of an excuse to get into the Killzone saga and end them. One of Sony’s longest-running franchises, since its premiere in 2004.

If you like strong emotions, you think you are Rambo himself and you were born for war, stay away from this future . You wouldn’t last five minutes, listen to me.

Halo: Infinite (2560)

The next installment of the Master Chief’s adventures was scheduled to launch on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with his landing, but we’ll have to wait a little longer .

Discovering the secrets behind an artificial world in the shape of a ring sounds interesting, especially if you are accompanied by a genetically enhanced soldier. It’s like carrying a utility knife with you, it solves any problem in Halo: Infinite. This is another most liked video game by most of the users and will be in its future games releases too.

Destiny (2714)

One of the titles that promised to revolutionize the industry scene and stay with us for many years . The truth is that he already has a few accompanying us.

It will be all the fun you want, but the future that Destiny raises does not seem that it is the one in which humanity is best standing. The Solar System has been devastated and we will have to face dozens of extraterrestrial beings to defend the last City on Earth.

Borderlands 3 (2876)

The third numbered installment of the Gearbox franchise has become a must-have in any player’s catalog . In addition, its visual style gives the brand a very powerful identity.

Pandora seems like a quiet planet until you unleash thousands of convicts of their own free will. You will have to get hold of the best possible weapons and smile; Borderlands 3 humor never fails us.

Horizon Zero Dawn (3020)

We except better future for this game. This will certainly hit all future games releases. With Horizon Zero Dawn you can face one of the best graphically exclusives of the generation. Although of course, it is already possible to enjoy the work of Guerrilla Games on PC.

1,000 years in the future. Humanity somehow collapsed and now the world has been populated by robotic animals. Probably a great future, especially for planet Earth. It was about time we humans let him breathe a little.

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