TikTok personalized videos is another new feature for creators

Users can now ask for TikTok personalized videos to the creators that will be paid feature. TikTok is testing a new function by which any user can request a personalized and private video from the content creators of the Chinese social network in exchange for a timely payment in the platform’s currency, the same that can be purchased from the profile of user in the ‘Wallet’ tab and that, for now, is only used to make donations to other users.

As reported by BuzzFeed News, with this new function, content creators will be able to place the ‘Request’ button on their profile, and by clicking on it, users will see the conditions and the price requested for the personalized video.

Payment is made in advance and the author will have up to three days of margin to decide whether to accept or decline the request. If accepted, the video must be delivered to the applicant within a week by direct message. If you reject it, the money will be returned to the interested party in your wallet.

BuzzFeed News has found that this new feature is available only to some creators in Turkey and Dubai, but TikTok has not offered any data on it, so it is not known if the new button will be available to any user or only to those who have a significant number of followers or when you plan to launch it in general.

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This personalized video sales system is the same as the Cameo platform, a website that sells exclusive and personalized videos of celebrities, especially from the United States, in exchange for punctual payments. This page claims to have more than 20,000 celebrities, including actors, athletes, musicians and influencers, who can get hundreds of dollars for each video.

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