Introducing Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer: Compact & AI-Powered


Xiaomi has just presented its new compact 3D printer model with which it tries to bring 3D printing to a wider audience, including those who until now have not had any contact with this interesting world of 3D printing.

And not only because it has a fairly affordable price or has an elegant design, since the integration of Artificial Intelligence will allow adjustments of the printing parameters automatically, so that at this point users will not have to worry.

Easy to use, and with many possibilities

But Xiaomi has wanted to go further with its new 3D printing device by integrating a library of its own 3D objects, although users will also be able to upload designs from other sources.

If that wasn’t enough, it also comes packed with fun and creative features, even allowing users to have a printout of their face, among other options.

To start using it from the first moment

The idea of ​​the new device is that any user, without the need for any knowledge, can start printing immediately as soon as they plug it into the electric current, taking the prints through resin material.

To make this possible, users will also have a cartridge in the kit with which they can start making their prints. Xiaomi has opted for an object printing system based on the use of a single-line Z-axis guide rail.

The new device also provides the opportunity for users to pause 3D printing of objects to resume later.

And yes, the device can also look good anywhere, thanks to its elegant and compact design, with dimensions of 265 x 265 x 417 mm and a weight of only 8.5 kilograms.

Getting started in a crowdfunding campaign

The new printer will arrive on August 2 under the Mijia brand, called Xiaomi Mijia 3D Printer, with an initial cost of 1,699 yuan, about 216 euros in exchange, through the Xiaomi YouPin collective financing platform.

After the financing campaign, it will have a higher price, of about 1,999 yuan, just over 254 euros to change. It is unknown if the company will take it to international markets.

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