TikTok introduces jump for third parties integration to include applets

The video creation application TikTok has announced a new feature called Jump that will allow creators, companies and third-party developers to add applets to the videos platform. With the announcement it is known that platforms such as Breathwrk, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuse and Tabelog were part of the beta test.

Additionally, BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL, and WATCHA will implement their own ‘Jumps’ in the coming weeks. The goal of TikTok, according to Sean Kim, Product Manager at TikTok, is to encourage more interaction on and off the platform.

What users will be able to do with Jump

How is this to be achieved? These functions created by external providers will be services that can be linked within videos. Users, while watching a TikTok video, may have the option of accessing a link to expand information on a topic related to that video.

For example, you are viewing content about recipes and there may be a tab (it will be above the name of the author of the video) from Whisk, which is a recipe service, to access more similar content. In the case of Whisk, to better understand how it will work: a TikTok creator can add recipes to Whisk beforehand and then share this on their TikTok video.

There may be links to Wikipedia to expand the knowledge of a topic and, depending on the agreements reached by TikTok, it is even expected that users can make restaurant reservations (there is no concrete information on how this can happen, since now it is possible thanks to Tabelog, which is present in Japan).

There will also be links to movie reviews and beauty tutorials, according to the first agreements closed by TikTok with third parties.

Snapchat also has a similar feature called Minis, which allows users to share and use small apps and games with their friends. WeChat also has thousands of such applets attached to its platform.

As TikTok spokesmen have explained, ” With HTML5 support and minimal technical integration, Jumps are easy for vendors to build and implement. We look forward to working with select vendors to build innovative Jumps that help feed content.” Companies that want to be part of this project can include their data on this website explaining how many employees are in their company and what products they sell.

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