This is how Google Assistant finally integrates with Samsung Smart TVs

Google Assistant is finally integrated with Samsung smart TVs, as the company has just announced on its official blog. In this way, Samsung Smart TVs become compatible with three of the four most popular voice assistants, since Google Assistant joins Alexa (from Amazon) and Bixby (from Samsung).

From Samsung they have explained that the suite of voice assistants will be available in all 4K, QLED 8K, Crystal UHD, The Frame, The Serif, The Sero and The Terrace models of 2020, so in principle almost any television launched this year it should be compatible. The integration has already been launched in a couple of European countries.

Google Assistant: Integration, now yes

Google Assistant integration on Samsung

Early last year, Samsung made Google Assistant compatibility for its TVs official, but compatibility is not the same as integration. Until now, to control television with Google Assistant it was necessary to have a smart device (such as a speaker), since it was through that device that we interacted with the television. The televisions were compatible with the assistant, but they did not have it integrated as it already is, for example, in mobile phones.

What Samsung has just made official (because a few months ago it announced that this would arrive at the end of 2020) is that Google Assistant becomes fully integrated. In this way, we can speak directly with the assistant without having to go through other devices. We will simply have to give voice commands through the remote control microphone and Google Assistant will appear.

This will not only allow you to control the television, lower the volume or change the channel, but it will also enable the control of home automation. Consider, for example, turning off the lights in another room from the TV or accessing the thermostat. It is also compatible with Google services such as Google Photos, Search, and Calendar.

According to Samsung, voice assistants are already integrated into the company’s Smart TVs in 14 countries around the world. Google Assistant, meanwhile, is already available in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy and will arrive in Spain, Brazil, India and South Korea at the end of November, so it will be a matter of waiting. TVs compatible with all 4K, QLED 8K, Crystal UHD, The Frame, The Serif, The Sero and The Terrace models of 2020.

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