The Last of Us Part 1: Difficulty modes

the last of us part 1

TLOU Part 1 has several difficulties so that we can choose the one that best suits our preferences.

Naughty Dog ‘s post-apocalyptic franchise has always paid special attention to its different difficulty modes . In addition to presenting a wide range, the higher difficulty modes of The Last of Us: Part 1 can even radically change the way we play by removing the HUD and eliminating various playable mechanics. This can not only increase the level of challenge, but also the feeling of immersion in the game.

First, we will present you all the available difficulty modes to later provide you with our recommendation on which one you should start with depending on your case.

We will have a total of six difficulties that we can choose from, these being the following:

  • Very easy: ideal if we only want to focus on the story. The challenge of the combats will be minimal, providing the player with various aids such as aim assistance.
  • Easy: the resources will continue to be abundant and the enemies will not be dangerous.
  • Moderate: Balanced difficulty mode with limited resources.
  • Hard: The survival experience will be much more intense from this difficulty. We will find ourselves with few resources and the enemies will pose a much greater challenge.
  • Survivor – This mode will not only intensify the level of challenge, but also provides further immersion by removing the listen mode. We will have to opt for a much slower and more meticulous approach against enemies if we want to survive.
  • Realistic: the ultimate experience. Resources will be extremely scarce and even the least dangerous enemy will pose a deadly threat. Also, not only will listen mode be disabled, but most HUD elements will be suppressed.

What is the best difficulty to start with?

The Last of US part 1

To answer this question, we must not only take into account our expertise in playing, but also the level of challenge that we are willing to face. For the vast majority of players, our recommendation is that the “Hard” difficulty is a fairly balanced challenge for the first game. However, if you have already played The Last of Us saga before or you want to face a challenge that really puts you against the ropes, the surviving difficulty is the most appropriate.

We do not recommend the Realistic difficulty no matter how skilled we may be. It is a huge challenge level that, without previously knowing the video game and the different phases and levels, is almost impossible to overcome.

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