The coolest Snapdragon 888 phone? Honor Magic 3 performance and heat dissipation

The Honor Magic 3 conference on August 12, news of the new machine has gradually increased. Honor wrote in the latest round of warm-up: “Cool down calmly, this is Magic.” It turned out that the “coolest Snapdragon 888” mentioned by Honor CEO Zhao Ming in an interview before refers to the calm cooling of the Honor Magic 3 series. The performance and heat dissipation balance experience.

The performance and power consumption of mobile phones have always been difficult to achieve a good balance, which is always testing the tuning and optimization capabilities of manufacturers. The official has also confirmed that the Honor Magic3 series will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 Plus chip, Cortex- The main frequency of the X1 large core has been increased from 2.84GHz to 3GHz, and its AI performance has also increased by more than 20%.

Honor magic 3 teaser

Snapdragon 888 Plus is the current performance responsibility of the smart phone industry. If a balanced performance of high performance, heat generation, and battery life is achieved, it is the direction that mobile phone manufacturers, including Honor, are working hard. Since Zhao Ming used “COOL” to describe the heat dissipation performance of Honor Magic 3, let us look forward to August 12th.

In addition, in the “Technology Illuminates the Future” theme dialogue held by Xinhua News Agency, Zhao Ming personally showed the Honor Magic 3 series real machine (with an exclusive confidential shell). It can be seen from the picture that the rear of the machine adopts a five-camera design, and the arrangement of the five cameras is also very unique. Combined with Honor’s consistent strength and accumulation in images, the combined performance of Honor Magic3 will not disappoint.

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