Tekken 7 sales surpasses 7 million games revenue worldwide

Tekken 7 sales superpass 7 million after a ling period of time. Time passes and Tekken 7 continues to establish itself as one of the most successful installments of the series. And it is that six years after its launch, Bandai Namco’s fighting game once again lived up to its name, although now on the commercial side, since it finally surpassed the barrier of seven million copies sold worldwide.

Katsuhiro Harada, producer of the game and series, was the one who announced this achievement through his Twitter account. Just last September 2020, the creative himself confirmed that Tekken 7 has just reached 6 million copies sold; which means that this figure increased by one million units in a period of seven months.

This becomes the second time Tekken 7 has reached a milestone of “seven.” A few weeks ago during the month of March, Bandai Namco announced that the game already registered more than seven million players. Tekken 7 sales can be taken a good sign of this old game and new updates for developers.

Tekken 7 is more alive than ever

Tekken 7 sales superpass 7 million

Currently Tekken 7 has remained one of the most stable and long-lived installments of the saga, and everything is due in large part to the support that Harada and his team have provided since its launch. Not for nothing this remains one of the stellar fighting games within the genre community and continues to talk about with its DLC. In this area, the game already has four season passes and a total of 16 downloadable fighters, the most recent being Lidia, a new fighter from Poland.

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