Download ‘Total War Saga: Troy’ for Free

‘A Total War Saga: Troy ‘ is now available on the Epic Games Store. Its price will be 49.99 euros, but as a launch promotion we can get it totally free and not only that, but keep it forever. To do this, simply access the title file in Epic Games and add it to our account. It should be something in a hurry and not leave it for later, because the promotion will end tomorrow, 14 August, at 15:00. Download ‘Total War Saga: Troy’ for free from Epic

New from Creative Assembly is inspired by the Iliad

‘A Total War Saga: Troy’ is a game developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. It is a strategy and player title that is ” inspired by the Iliad , Homer’s extraordinary tale of love and blood.” This installment is based on the most important moment of the Trojan War and its objective is to make us relive that historical conflict.

To do this, we can choose between saving or conquering the kingdom of Troy using one of the eight heroes that the studio makes available to us. Among them we find such well-known names as Achilles, Prince Paris or King Menelaus. Moreover, throughout the game we can use “mythological units”, which come to be soldiers with the appearance of a minotaur, cyclops or giants.

Epic Games allows us to access the complete base game, but in the file itself it already tells us that ‘ Total War Saga: Troy – Amazons ‘ will soon be released , an expansion that will add the Amazons Hippolyta and Penthesilea to the game and will expand the story.

Total War of Saga Troy
Total War Saga: Troy

As we said before, once we add the game to our Epic Games account, we will keep it forever. The promotion ends on August 14 at 3:00 p.m. ‘It is available for Mac and PC and, according to Metacritic , its score is 75 points out of 100. It should be noted that, starting today at 17:00, we can also download ‘Remnant for free : From The Ashes’ and ‘The Alto Collection’. This will be one of the most downloadable game on store.

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