Super Mario Party update is now for free to incorporate online multiplayer in all its modes

One of the funniest video games on Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly Super Mario Party, with which laughter is more than guaranteed in meetings with friends and family. Now with the coronavirus it is more complicated for these situations to occur, so, either because of that or because users have been crying out for it without stopping, the title has received an online multiplayer mode.

Finally, thanks to a free update, you can enjoy everything that the latest Mario Party offers together with anyone, be it your friends or anyone in the world to challenge them to a funniest game.

Super Mario Party update
Super Mario Party

Therefore, the online mode is available in any of the main boards, as well as in the modes for doubles or also to participate in any single minigame. Although the fun is to play with other people talking and others for the piques, this mode will be an excellent way to give a little more life to Super Mario Party.

Naturally, to be able to access all this, it is mandatory to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, which will serve as a way to get fully into the online multiplayer of any other title on the console or even to download games like Tetris 99 or Pac-Man 99.

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