Reasons why is it hard for Threads to survive

Things are not going well for Threads, Meta’s new social platform with which it tried to be its alternative to Twitter, and which has been useless for the accounts to be linked to the profiles of Instagram users.

New data shows that the launch of the web version of Threads has hardly reported improvements in the platform, where there has been a transfer of users from mobile devices to the web version.

The data speaks for itself

TechCrunch echoes the data from companies such as the digital intelligence firm Similarweb, which has detected that the Threads website has had a 20% increase in traffic over the past week, although worldwide the increase remains at a 3%.

It also refers to the monitoring of Sensor Tower, which at the beginning of this month of August had reported a drop of 82% since its launch, where currently only about 8 million users go daily.

The web version barely contributed users

It has been of little use to have been the application to quickly reach 100 million users, and the recent launch of the Threads website has barely changed the declining situation, despite being one of the demands of the users.

These and other data show that the news has not been able to bring back inactive users, let alone attract new users, and it is not because Meta does not try, where in fact today they have announced who are testing the search function in Australia and New Zealand, other highly requested functions.

X, formerly Twitter, remains hard for its veterans to leave

TechCrunch considers that X, formerly called Twitter, and despite the problems presented over time since Elon Musk took the reins, still continues to dominate the segment of social platforms that prioritize text content, because it continues to be the platform where making it easy to find news and trends, becoming a “global conversation hub and real-time news network.”

This agrees with Linda Yaccarino, who even said that although there are tools similar to Twitter, the communities themselves will be difficult to replicate, and this is where, according to TechCrunch, they have to work from Meta, to convert Threads in a place that attracts news creators, in addition to trying to attract veteran Twitter users who have found it difficult to get rid of the networking platform given their existing relationships on them and who at the moment will not find them on Threads.

There is no point in having influencers, who can be followed directly from Instagram.

More information: TechCrunch

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