Steam Deck opens reservations : hours, prices and details to reserve Valve’s portable console

Steam Deck is already a reality. Valve’s new bet is a portable console with a hybrid proposal similar to that of Nintendo Switch, which seeks to offer the best PC games anywhere, and in the most comfortable way possible. The truth is that his announcement has not left anyone indifferent, and if you are one of those who are dying to get hold of the console, do not fear: in this news we tell you when the Steam Deck reservations open, the contents of its different editions, their price and the conditions of your booking campaign.

Steam Deck

Pre-order Valve’s new Steam Deck hereReservations

First of all, and so that you don’t have to look any further, in this link above you will find the Steam Deck Steam pageforgive the redundancy – where you can reserve the console. which is the time that Steam always updates its store. In this other link you have the schedule in each country. If you think the time is going to pass, you can now access the console page to activate a reminder.

Only one reservation per Steam user will be allowed

To reserve the console you will not only need to have a Steam account, you must also meet several requirements that Valve introduces to fight against speculators and resale. As indicated on their website, Steam Deck reservations will be limited to one console per person. And not only that: during the first 48 hours of the campaign, only those who have made a purchase on Steam before June 2021 will be able to reserve the console. That is, those who have created a new account after May will not be able to reserve Steam Deck until Sunday, to fight these speculators.

Finally, note that this first Steam Deck reservation campaign will be open only to users in the following regions: USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union. The Steam Deck reservation will also require a deposit, the amount of which is still unknown.

Steam Deck: editions, price and contents

Steam Deck goes on sale with three different editions. All of them have the same AMD chip and the same features, although the size of its storage and its speed varies, as well as the extras that Valve includes with your purchase. Next, we detail all the Steam Deck models with their price and content.

64 GB model – 419 euros


Carrying case

256 GB model – 549 euros

256GB NVMe SSD internal storage

Faster storage

Carrying case

Exclusive Steam Community Profile Bundle

512 GB model – 679 euros

512GB NVMe SSD internal storage

Faster storage

Premium anti-reflective screen

Exclusive carrying case

Exclusive Steam Community Profile Bundle

Virtual keyboard with exclusive theme

Steam Deck will go on sale in December 2021, at which time shipments will begin, and Valve expects the console to sell millions of units “if they get it right,” or so Gabe Newell claims. This was not the only console announced this month, and Nintendo introduced a few weeks ago its new Nintendo Switch OLED with an improved screen.

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