Skull and Bones internal beta would start soon

Ubisoft’s new pirate adventure was unveiled at E3 2017.From then on, Skull and Bones has been behind the scenes, providing little information to its fans beyond known issues and multiple reboots in development. Since its announcement, we know that Ubisoft Singapore was in charge of developing the game, although the latest rumors would have indicated a change of controls, now going to Ubisoft Montreal, after having restarted its development again with the aim of being a Sea-style game of Thieves.

Skull and Bones seems to have been quite a headache for Ubisoft, although now everything could go from strength to strength, since the well-known journalist and trustworthy leaker has revealed via Twitter that the internal beta of Skull and Bones would begin soon. This beta would have the objective of testing the main features of the game. So Skull and Bones fans could be in luck, since at E3 2022 or an upcoming Ubisoft Forward, we could receive news in the form of gameplay.

Finally, we remind you that the latest leaks have indicated that Skull and Bones would settle in the Indian Ocean, where we can navigate at our ease, passing through pirate shelters in locations such as Madagascar or Mozambique. It seems that the goal in Skull and Bones will be to go from having a raft to an imposing ship.

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