Google plans a definitive solution for spam calls

Google AI spam call detect

Spam calls are those unwanted communications that enter our phone at the most inopportune moments, although there are some solutions to avoid them, such as the RobKinson list, or the efforts of Google with its phone app.

Precisely the latter is the protagonist of what we read in Android Authority, since Google continues to work to wipe out unwanted calls by adding more technology based on Artificial Intelligence to Call Screen.

The AI ​​app that no one will turn down

In the midst of the expansion ( and controversy ) of tools based on Artificial Intelligence, such as the ChatGPT conversation bots and the new Bing, Google will take advantage of this type of utility to get rid of spam calls.

As we know, the Google call app is a powerful solution : we can activate the “Filter call” option so that they tell us the reason and thus avoid intervening in the communication. It is not the only measure, and it is that it even verifies the companies that call us.

Well, as we read in the specialized Android media, it seems that Google is looking to further improve this function in the very near future. What do we know? Well, the words of Jonathan Eccles , product manager of the Phone by Google app.

According to Eccles, the company wants to solve the problems of unwanted calls by predicting a future in which our phone does not bother us. This does not mean that we will not hear any calls, but that only the truly important ones should interrupt us.

The Mountain View company worker sees conversational AI as the perfect weapon to combat this problem, confirming that it would serve as a “protective layer in front of every incoming call.” He not only commented on this, he also dared to hint that this year there will be news on the subject.

This leaves a good taste in our mouths, since although the “Filter call” function already uses AI, Google is planning to extend the limits of this function. We can think of a close arrival at Google I/O 2023, or at the end of the year at the presentation of the Google Pixel 8 series.

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