Sackboy Review: A PS5 Big Adventure, Platforms and Laughter for Everyone

We are all looking straight ahead at the new generation of consoles, thinking about the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch catalogs, their technical specifications and a thousand other things, when this Sackboy: An adventure in a big way appears and gives us a good slap across the face without us seeing it coming. So, so low.

Okay, Sackboy: An Adventure in a Big Way is not a new generation exclusive game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not , as it is also coming out for PS4, but it is one of the few new Sony first parties with the that one can release the PS5. And the truth is that it is really good.

I think that before continuing we must make one thing clear: this Sackboy: A big adventure is not a LittleBigPlanet . The universe created by Media Molecule at the time was very ambitious. His approach was a platform game with a very high creative component. In fact, if we put ourselves a bit like that, it could even be understood the other way around: as a creation platform that also included a handful of levels made by the development studio. Later they would take that idea to the extreme in Dreams , the witness of the saga starring Sackboy they passed it to Sumo Digital in LittleBigPlanet 3.

The idea with LBP was not only for players to enjoy jumping, uncovering secrets and solving small puzzles, but to generate a community around the game that nurtured it for years with their own creations. Sackboy: A big adventure is not that at all . It is a platform game, neither more nor less.

A very good platform game , as I said at the beginning. He doesn’t want to invent anything, but he doesn’t need it either, because the truth is that what he does, he does very well. Where LittleBigPlanet failed , which for many awards it won and very good reception it had suffered from more imprecise controls than expected in a title of its kind, Sackboy: An adventure in a big way is presented as a solid title as a rock.

Sackboy: An adventure in a big way. Sympathetic story and bulletproof mechanics

sackboy a big adventure

Sackboy’s story : A big adventure is not its main forte, but it doesn’t bother either. We could have dropped the levels without further excuses and the game would have worked the same, but Sumo Digital have taken the opportunity to sneak in a series of the most diverse characters that leave us with pleasant dialogues dotted with jokes.

There is not much to tell. Basically the world where Sackboy and his peers live was very quiet until Vex, the bad guy on duty, appears wanting to destroy everything. And there we go with the doll to crush his plan for world domination . Nothing new, as I said, but the characters that guide the unlikely protagonist are funny and one is glad to see them from time to time.

Where Sackboy does shine : A big adventure is in its mechanics. Jumping, hitting, dodging and catching objects are the basic actions that will accompany us throughout the adventure. Different weapons and objects are being introduced, but mainly it is about collecting the maximum number of orbs in each level by jumping, dodging and hitting.

It should be noted that Sumo Digital has taken advantage of the new DualSense features . The haptic vibration can notice certain feelings more accurately than the standard vibration, while the adaptive triggers adjust their resistance depending on the occasion. An example: lifting a small enemy to throw it does not activate anything, but picking up a heavy object raises the resistance almost to the maximum. It is not as polished or they have taken advantage of these options to the maximum as it happens in Astro’s Playroom, a game that has been conceived for that specifically, but it is not bad at all.

The secret here is that the camera is not free. We do not have the option to move it at will to choose an angle, but Sumo Digital has done everything so well that it is not necessary. The camera angles are always what we need and Sackboy’s control is precise . It gives a lot of pleasure when a rig is well finished and offers exquisite control.

Be careful, that the game has such simple mechanics does not take away an iota of challenge when the time comes. Not only because as new levels and worlds are unlocked the difficulty increases a bit (a little, don’t worry that there is nothing here that becomes impossible), but because of the tests separated from the normal levels where things do get uphill .

In the end Sackboy: An adventure in a big way is a game with two clear audiences: the lovers of the platforms and the completists. Anyone who likes a good platform game to just have a few fun times is going to have a great time, and who also loves having to scrutinize each level to find all its secrets, too.

I would not say that it is a child’s game, although his appearance and his cucamonatas may give that impression, but obviously the chick is going to find a good place here to spend a few hours of entertainment.

Good level design

Sackboy big adventure review

To all the good things that we have discussed so far, from the mechanics to the control, we must add a more than decent level design. The first ones are simple and it may seem that there is little to scratch here, but the truth is that as the game progresses, real crazy things come to light that it is a pleasure to play.

Each level has a good handful of orbs of different types to collect, as well as some special bells that will be used as a bargaining chip to buy costumes and other cosmetic items, and one of these types of orbs, the blue ones, are necessary because they will allow us to unblock the paths that lead to new areas . Well, there is almost always at least one of these blue orbs specially hidden in each level. With the simplest to collect, it will be enough to open the blocked roads, you do not have to worry about it, it is more for the collecting theme. There are also orbs that hide parts of costumes that we can later buy if we collect them and others with stickers that will be added to an album.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure can be played alone or in the company of up to three other players. The online multiplayer will come later and the local I have not had the opportunity to test it, unfortunately. The thing is that the levels can be played cooperatively, but there are also specific levels for this that cannot be played alone. It’s not that they are more difficult, it’s that the game doesn’t allow us to enter them if we go alone. They are few, there is no need to worry if we have no one because the game can be perfectly enjoyed alone.

About the levels I will say one more thing: some of them include musical themes by well-known artists , such as Bruno Mars, and the platforms and everything that is in motion in each of them is synchronized in one way or another to the rhythm of these songs. Really, the good vibes that these levels can generate is greatly appreciated. And I especially like it when a game is able to make me smile.

Our opinion

We need more games that give good vibes. Always, but especially when we go through difficult times both personally and globally. We’re in one of those moments, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure is that kind of game that’s easy to thank for just making us feel better.

sackboy a big adventure playstation

I have not commented on it before, but in addition to having a good level design, the artistic section is wonderful. From the color palettes used and the appearance of the materials that make up the walls and floors to the design of the characters and the bugs that populate each level. And on a PS5, at 4K and 60fps, it looks fabulous.

I have a feeling that Sackboy: A Big Adventure was going under the radar, tucked between the new consoles themselves and the fattest releases getting all the attention, and it turned out to be a good game. And honestly: it promises platforms and fun and it is what it offers, neither more nor less. If you like the genre, and even if you don’t like it but you have little ones at home, it is a great option to have a great time.

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