Project Starline, The holograms that Google wants to put in our conversations

Talking via videoconference is one thing, but talking to another person on a panel with a three-dimensional effect, which shows the other person as if they were physically in front of us, is quite another.

That is Project Starline, a kind of magic window where we can see the other person, in natural size and in three dimensions, being possible to speak naturally, make gestures and make eye contact.

At the moment they are only working on the project, there is no product on the market, although recently I saw in the Trison company a technology very similar to the one they comment: someone speaks in a studio, with a white background, while a screen transmits in the other side of the world generating a three-dimensional effect. The Google thing is more oriented to the possibility of communicating to two people:

In Google’s case they are using computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio and real-time compression, as well as a light field display system that creates a sense of volume and depth that can be experienced without the need for glasses or additional headphones.

They say that Project Starline is available in only a few of Google’s offices, using custom hardware and highly specialized equipment, but they believe that over time they will make everything more affordable and accessible.

Project starline
Project Starline

We will be attentive to everything you can present in this regard. For now I leave you with the video I recorded in Trison showing something that generates a result very similar to that described by Google, although in this case it is not intended for bidirectional communication but rather for the presentation of content.

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