How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Nintendo Switch

A few weeks ago we finally saw one of the most demanded and absent features of the Nintendo Switch incorporated, with the software update 13.0.0 that enabled the possibility of connecting wireless headphones via bluetooth without the need to use any application or external device.

So, we take the opportunity to briefly see how to pair bluetooth headphones, going through the process step by step on how to pair any pair of Bluetooth headphones to our console.

Preparing the headphones

The first thing to do is have the headphones on hand and prepare them. And it is that the vast majority of bluetooth devices have a pairing method through our interaction, pressing or holding a button (usually the power button). Although the most recent bluetooth headphones have begun to include an automatic search and pairing system, so we will only have to turn on the headphones or open their case for them to start looking for other devices.

However, remember that in the case of the latter, we may have to first de-synchronize other devices already paired to avoid automatic connection with these, and so the headphones enter the pairing search mode.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to the Nintendo Switch

Thus, once prepared, we will only have to turn on our console, enter the configuration menu at the bottom of the Home, and navigate down until we reach the «Audio via Bluetooth» function.  By clicking on this tab, we can select the option “Add device”, after which the console will begin to search for compatible bluetooth headsets.

Pair Bluetooth headphones with Nintendo Switch
Wireless headphones

Once found, we will only have to select our headphones, and after a few seconds of the automated process, they will already be synchronized to the Nintendo Switch.

As we already mentioned at the time, the console itself reminds us of the restrictions on the use of this wireless audio system, which will limit us to the use of a single headset, as well as the maximum connection of up to two Joy-Con simultaneously. Additionally, we will not be able to access the local communication functionalities (the online or multiplayer modes of our games), which will also cause the automatic disconnection of the headphones.

Finally, in the event that we want to manually disconnect the headphones, or even want to completely unsynchronize them from the console, we will only have to access this “Audio via Bluetooth” menu, select the headphones, and choose between these two options at any time.

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