Huawei Harmony Operating System will be launched in it’s every phone from 2021

Huawei phone with Harmony Operating System
Huawei phone with Harmony Operating System

Finally Huawei has decided that it will launch a phone with its own Harmony operating system in 2021. Huawei is currently traveling the highway of mobile phones with the gasoline that its stock of processors allows, although it is already beginning to go to MediaTek to solve the absence of manufacturers that produce brains for it. With the end of relations with TSMC , the Chinese giant already sees a future without Kirin in the medium term, but it is not the only crossroads that it faces.

With the active blockade by the United States, and the serious threat that it will be permanent over time, Huawei tries to find an alternative to an Android that it can partially access, since it has private access to Google services. The bullet in the chamber is Harmony OS , known as Hongmeng OS in China and which has already been introduced. But soon we will have a new version and the manufacturer has already confirmed when we will see it for the first time on board a phone.

Huawei Harmony Operating System 2.0 on the home stretch

Huawei Harmony Operating System
Harmony OS

The person in charge of offering new information about the future of Huawei in mobile phones has been its CEO, Richard Yu, in an interview given a few days before the next event of the Chinese manufacturer. This event will take place next Thursday, September 10 , and in it we will know, in Yu’s own words, the next version of Huawei’s proprietary operating system.

Harmony OS will take a new step , therefore, next Thursday and during the event more details about its functionality and aesthetics will be known, while some devices that will arrive with it on board over the next few years will be announced. We will see laptops, tablets, connected products and, of course, mobile phones.

Richard Yu has in fact confirmed that the first mobile phone with Harmony OS on board will arrive in the year 2021 , although no further details have been offered about it. It is known that TSMC has September 15 as the deadline to deliver the maximum number of Kirin 9000s to Huawei before the United States blockade stops all manufacturing orders, and that processor will be destined for the Huawei Mate 40.

“But unfortunately, in the second round of sanctions in the United States, our processor supplier only accepted orders before September 15, and production will end on September 15. So this year may be the last of our range chips. high Huawei Kirin, exhausting the last generation “- Richard Yu.

Regarding the future of the company in the mobile field, despite the fact that it has been speculated that Huawei could leave the market, nothing has been officially disclosed. At the moment we already know that the Mate 40 will see the light, it will already be discerned if with more or less problems due to the processor supplies, and that in 2021 we will have at least one phone with Harmony OS. We will see what happens from there.

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