NVIDIA summons us for a special presentation on videogames

NVIDIA may not have been one of the big names in the world of video games during this 2021, but what there is no doubt is that they are still in very good shape. What is also true is that it is seriously experiencing the shortage of manufacturing components, a problem that causes that there are very few graphics cards available and that those that are sold skyrocket, also due to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, we will be more attentive than ever to what they have to say to us this coming month in a special live scheduled for next week. “Join us at our special event next Tuesday, January 4 at 5:00 p.m. to learn exciting news from the world of videogames,” says the message they have posted on their social networks.

On their official website they do not share just more details about it, beyond that they will be Jeff Fisher and Ali Kani, so the rumor mill has made an appearance. The players expect, in addition to some type of update on the stock of existing ones, that new graphics cards will be announced, with the “Ti” versions as the protagonists and a direct relationship with the game on laptops.

While waiting for the official confirmation of what may be presented, it is true that NVIDIA is aware of the problem of graphics shortages and how speculators are directly affecting those who only want to have a PC to enjoy video games and use it for common tasks.

In fact, technologies such as ray tracing and DLSS support are dramatically improving the performance and overall appearance of some of the best-known titles on the PC market, so it’s a shame that many users are forced to wait more than that account for this complicated situation.

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