Now it is easy streaming your favorite games on iOS with Google Stadia

Google Stadia Streaming is now no far to be available for iOS. It seems that streaming gaming is starting to make its way onto iOS despite tough Apple restrictions. Just yesterday NVIDIA confirmed that GeForce Now officially landed on the iPhone operating system, but not with a native app, but with a progressive web application (PWA). Now it is the turn of Google, which has ensured that it will follow this same path to bring Google Stadia to iOS.

Without getting too wet with the date, Google claims that the first phase of the Google Stadia PWA “will launch in the next few weeks.” The idea, they say, is to check performance and add more functions to later bring their streaming game platform to all Apple devices that, at least for now, do not have official support.

Google Stadia Streaming: There have already been attempts

Google Stadia Streaming on iOS

That Google Stadia works in the browser is not something really new. A few weeks ago, Zach Knox, a developer, launched an app called Stadium, which was basically a browser that allowed you to authenticate without the user agent and therefore was used to launch Stadia. It even had controller support. However, Stadium was removed from the App Store shortly after.

The reason, they wielded from Apple, was that Stadium is “extending webKit” by implementing it in the native GameController framework, something necessary to make the app compatible with Bluetooth controls. That doesn’t seem to go against App Store guidelines, according to the developer, but be that as it may, the app was removed.

Currently, Google Stadia on iOS is little more than a game discovery and management platform. The app allows you to buy titles, access the library and start games on compatible devices remotely, but not play as such . Over the next few weeks the first version of the progressive web application should be launched, through which it will be possible to play as normal.

It is a strategy that companies such as NVIDIA (with GeForce Now) and Amazon ( with Amazon Luna, still in the testing phase) have already followed. We will have to wait to see how fine-tuned the support for Bluetooth controls is or if it will be possible to use the Stadia controller via WiFi, since we remember that the Stadia Controller can be connected directly to Google servers to reduce latency and response times. .

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