2021 may be the year of the Nintendo Switch… again. These are the reasons

Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con game console controller

Nintendo switch sales rate has increased in 2020 and continued this year too. has A wonderful meeting point is one that occurs between individual impressions and the accuracy of the data. This has been the case of Nintendo, which has revealed in its latest financial report some absolutely overwhelming sales figures for hardware and software.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017, the console’s cruising speed has only seemed to increase over time. In 2020 it became the best-selling console of the year, surpassing the well-known Xbox One and PS4, in addition to the newcomers Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. One against five and he comes out winning.

That is why thinking that the hybrid between laptop and desktop can repeat its tremendous success in 2021 is not unreasonable. Plus, the number of reasons is vast enough to envision a great future for the console.

Nintendo switch Sales rate, higher than its competitors

Nintendo switch global comparison
Source: VGChartz

We have already discussed it before and it is the most obvious reason. Switch has a really positive sales momentum and it doesn’t seem like it will decline over the months. It is about four years after his arrival in the industry and in May of last year, Doug Bowser revealed that he was in the middle of the cycle of his life. Translation: there is still rope for a while.

As of previous report that sales to that time were 68.3 million units, surpassing a legend like the NES and in full hunt for the Nintendo 3DS. As of today, that hunt has already occurred and the next target to fall will be the PSP.

Nintendo switch sales rate
Source: Daniel Ahmad

The progression is so crazy, that in the comparison of time against other consoles and not only contemporary to it, but against authentic titans of the history of video games such as PS2 or Wii, Switch continues to win.

By the way, Nintendo Switch Lite already registers 13.53 million sales, compared to the 13.56 that Wii U accumulated throughout its life, which ceased production in 2016. One more nail in the coffin of error in the past of Nintendo.

To make matters worse, both Xbox Series X / S and PS5 are experiencing some really serious replenishment problems. Lisa Su, head of AMD, has expressed her concern about this and Mike Spencer, a member of Microsoft, does not think we will see a stable enough offer until June.

Against this background, a tremendous strength of the Nintendo Switch is demonstrated. The console does not suffer from this problem, or what is the same, not even a context of a global pandemic and logistics problems prevent the continued manufacture of units. Point in favor of Nintendo in this regard.

The more than rumored Nintendo Switch Pro

There are people who can’t sleep at night thinking about a revision for the future of the console. The truth is that no one would say no to a good candy, although just as true is that we do not know anything official about it so far.

This same week, Takashi Mochizuki, a Bloomberg reporter, reported on the possibility of a new model for this 2021 and the response he got was quite gray.

There are rumors of all kinds, help yourself at the buffet. The most classic and common points to a screen with 4K resolution and a significant improvement in the performance of the console. Following Sony and Microsoft’s strategy with PS4 Pro or Xbox One X may be the way to go, since if the console is in the middle of its life cycle, at some point it will suffer graphically with the rest of its competitors.

Of course, increasing the power of the machine could finally break that barrier that a certain part of the community may have when it comes to betting on multiplatform titles on Switch. A move that the third parties would probably welcome. Of course, its possible announcement would be a surge in popularity and facilitate the consumer’s decision between choosing a next-generation console or a revision of Nintendo’s hybrid.

Anniversary everywhere for nintendo switch sales

Do you remember the one that came together with the announcement of Super Mario 3D All-Stars ? Nintendo commemorated the 35th anniversary of the world’s most mustachioed and famous plumber with the release of several classic works and revisions.

However, at the end of the fiscal year, that is, on March 31, 2021, many of these titles will be removed from the physical and digital catalogs, making their purchase impossible. This has resulted in an explosion of figures, with millions of sales by players fearing that they will not be able to get a unit after that date.

What if Nintendo repeated the same play? Opportunities, you have them, of course. The 25th anniversary of Pokémon is this year and a new Pokémon Snap is on the way. That could be the official starting gun for the surprises that await us in 2021 regarding the saga. Let’s remember that the date indicated is February 27, the day on which Pokémon Red and Green was launched in Japan.

Millions of people are waiting for a remake of a past installment and the muscle that the franchise shows does not give way, achieving excellent results as with Pokémon Sword / Shield, about to assault the brand’s second historic place.

In addition, the announcement of Pokémon Unite, a kind of MOBA, will attract even more specters of the community to the console. And the arrival of the sequel to Detective Pikachu, announced almost two years ago, remains to be seen.

Nintendo switch sales chart

The same goes for the 35th anniversary of Zelda. Since the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, we do not know anything about the game and it has been almost two years of that, at E3 2019.

Similar situation: a string of titles glorifying the franchise could suppose a new impulse for the sales of Nintendo Switch. Remasters of Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess … the possibilities are very varied.

February is yet another key date on the calendar, pointing to February 21 as the moment The Legend of Zelda landed on the NES. Go preparing swords and shields.

Ads in the bedroom

Of course, one of the longest requests in time is for a new Nintendo Direct, one with all of the law. Since September 4, 2019 there has not been a “general” one, without focusing on the indie market or any particular franchise.

The possible battery of ads is promising. Beyond the aforementioned Breath of the Wild 2, we have the Metroid Prime 4 being made in the oven, waiting for its opportunity, after the announcement of the restart of its development. It’s been four years since we had a Samus Aran delivery; the latest was Metroid: Samus Returns.

Of course, Platinum Games fans make their eyes sparkle just by thinking of Bayonetta 3. Recently, Hideki Kamiya stated that it would be best to forget about a third of the witch for a while. Hope is the last thing you lose.

Nintendo Switch has more positive reasons than ever to look forward to the future. Few things can be reproached for the console, which after starting its own generation in the middle of the cycle of the others, has become firm and has surpassed the machines already consolidated on the market.

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