These new Sony virtual reality device for PS5 will make use of the DualSense functions

One of the most powerful announcements made by Sony in this 2021 has been that they are already working on their new virtual reality device for the new generation.

PS5 is the console that will make use of this technology that we could not have taken a look at, until now. PlayStation has shared through its blog new images and information about the controllers that the future PSVR will use.

The company clarifies that these new controllers will be based on the innovation that was the DualSense, since they will take advantage of ” a new way to take advantage of the sense of touch”. Regarding its design, it acquires an orb shape, which facilitates playing freely and without restrictions for the hands.

Among its characteristics we find adaptable triggers, since each controller includes one of them and when pressed, as with the PS5 controller, they will offer a different resistance and tension. Haptic feedback will also be present, allowing every feeling of the game to be transmitted to the hands.

We will feel the diversity of textures, nuances and impacts between walking through a desert full of rocks or engaging in close combat. Moreover, the controller can detect the fingers without pressing the areas where they are placed, allowing more natural gestures.

The viewfinder, on the other hand, tracks the controller through a tracking ring at the bottom of it. The left control has an analog stick, with the square, triangle, L1, L2 buttons and one called Create. On the other side, we find the right one, which has an analog stick, the buttons for X, circle, R1, R2 and Options.

new Sony virtual reality device for PS5
new Sony virtual reality device for PS5

Sony’s goal is “to make a big leap from the current generation of virtual reality games.” They assure that the prototypes “will soon be in the hands of the developer community, and we are eager to see what ideas they come up with.”

Without an announced release date, a series of patents shown a few weeks ago pointed to drivers similar to those just introduced by the Japanese company.

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