Mozilla VPN now with new privacy features

Mozilla VPN is adding new privacy features, both in its desktop and mobile offerings.

These new features add an additional layer of protection to our activity when we browse the web, without the need to resort to other tools.

New privacy features for Mozilla VPN

One of the novelties implemented by the Mozilla VPN is the “multi-account containers” Firefox add-on. What you navigate inside a “container” will be separated from the rest, and will not affect the activity you perform in another container.

This allows you to separate your work browsing, personal activity, shopping, etc. So you won’t have to log in and out of your services or use multiple browsers. It is a practical advantage that it is now implemented in Mozilla VPN.

By combining Firefox’s multi-account containers with Mozilla’s VPN, we’ve added an extra layer of privacy by protecting your browsing activity and allowing you to set up a different exit server in a different location for each of your containers.

So users using this Mozilla service will be able to separate the different areas of their work, personal life and private affairs into different containers; and with the plus of the rest of the privacy functions of the VPN.

As the Mozilla team mentions, users can choose from more than 400 servers in 30 countries, so they can make the configurations they want to combine them with the multi-account containers.

On the other hand, Mozilla is adding advanced privacy features, such as the Multi-hop option, to its VPN on iOS and Android. This allows the user to use two VPN servers:

[…] first your online activity is routed through a VPN server. Then, by selecting the Multi-Hop feature, your online activity will be routed a second time through an additional VPN server known as your outgoing server.

An update to Mozilla VPN that adds an extra layer of protection when browsing the web.

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