Smart Home Optimization: 5 Budget-Friendly Tips

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Electronic devices and gadgets are there to make our lives easier, and there is nothing wrong with that. Now, the important thing here is to know what each person’s priorities are and how to become teams without spending a fortnight in the store.

There are devices with specific activities, which must be kept in mind when using them and determining their use efficiently. So, if you want to start from scratch in home automation, here are tricks with inexpensive products that you can buy.

Motion sensor lights

This alternative would be being used solely and exclusively while someone is within the range of its sensor, being able to illuminate automatically while someone is in said area. Once people leave the area it will turn off, thus saving a considerable percentage of electrical energy. On Amazon you can find a pair of light bulbs for approximately 15 dollars.

Eufy 2K Camera

A device like this has various functions: it can be used to monitor our homes in case intruders enter our property, keep an eye on our children, if they spend too much time playing video games or if they stay up late doing some other activity such as watching. TV, or even while studying, etc.

Next, the Eufy 2K is a home camera, which costs about 35 euros and has Full HD image quality, either with natural light or infrared. It can take any direction you want, since it can be manipulated from a mobile app and can also follow anyone thanks to its increased motion sensor.

It is a very valuable option due to the fact that with it you can have security, only by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, since its internal charging battery is very strong, capable of lasting a number of 365 days in use without need. If charged, it is recharged by being connected to electricity.

Smart thermostat

Despite being a thermostat with a traditional function, its function is to regulate the temperature inside your home, it will allow you to be aware of the heating consumption through your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Because it has superior technology, it allows us to regulate the temperature without having to be present in your house, thus being able to find out the current temperature, the optimal temperature and even determine when you are or are not present in the house. It is a very easy way to save energy. In this area, Nest is one of the best companies and here you have one of its flagships at a good price.

Electric meter

Through this digital device, they will be able to consult the current electricity consumption in real time, being able to observe their consumption on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or even the period that the person decides to observe. To proceed to use it, you must connect the device to an electrical connection and a Wi-Fi network.

The meter will display the data consumption in the amount of energy consumed in kWh, allowing people to add up the total electricity bill before the time comes to make the payment for the benefit. Today we can find meters that range from 15 to 30 dollars.

Midea M9, a robot vacuum cleaner

This device has many characteristics typical of a top-of-the-range equipment, which has been proven over time to be very efficient, being essential in household tasks, collecting dust, garbage from the floor without needing to be connected to the point of use. nearest electricity. This is because it has a fairly efficient battery depending on its work, and is more powerful thanks to its 2,500 PA suction system, not including the ability to scrub with its water tank and mop.

It is of great help to carry out the task of sweeping and cleaning the floors of your homes. Saving energy and reducing electrical costs, this equipment can be found through Amazon for 229 dollars, a quite interesting and peculiar value thanks to the functions it performs. Here we have to put a parenthesis regarding the price, given that there is a huge gap with so many alternatives. For example, we can find a robot vacuum cleaner for 80 dollars, or for 400, or even for more, it all depends on the needs and characteristics of the equipment.

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