9 free websites and resources to learn programming

free sites to learn programming

In a few years, knowing how to program is going to be essential to be able to find a job or function in the labor market. This is because technology is evolving by leaps and bounds , and there is an increasing demand for people who have the necessary knowledge to be able to create basic software, or introduce instructions that are simple in a large number of areas such as the investigation.

Something really interesting is that you don’t have to go to university to learn programming, since more and more developers are self-taught.  And the truth is that on the internet you can find many web pages and resources to learn to program and all without having to spend a single dollar.


edX is one of the best-known educational platforms today thanks to the amount of courses and content that they offer to all those who are interested in learning. The vast majority of these courses are endorsed by universities or very prestigious institutions to give them validity.

In the field of computing, it also offers many courses such as the so-called ” Introduction to web application development ” or ” Introduction to C programming “. It is true that although the content is completely free, if you want to have the title you will have to pay.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy presents itself as a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide free education to the entire population. The catalog of courses is very extensive, and especially in the field of computing there is a great variety, and all without paying a euro.

It should be noted that interesting courses such as Introduction to HTML/CSS or Introduction to SQL are included. As in other cases, the content is free but the degree and therefore putting it on your resume or professional networks is limited to a payment.

code wars

Codewars is a website that teaches you very diverse programming languages ​​like C#, C++, Shell, Swift and others in a really ingenious way. And it is that each student will be given challenges that are based on martial arts as his own indicates. But you should not worry about the level you have, since both the most novice and the most veteran people will be able to sign up.

As is logical, not all the challenges that are going to be presented will have the same difficulty, because as you go through the screens the solution you must give will become more complicated. And even when the solution is finished, it will be possible to compare how the solution you have offered works with those that other people have given.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project combines all the knowledge so that it is finally integrated into the same project. And it is that sometimes when you are learning to program, you are not taught to unify all the concepts that have been learned while being a little scattered. But with this tool it is over, since they will learn to create web pages in a very simple way.

They focus on very specific languages ​​like HTML, CSS, Git, JavaScript and also database knowledge. A logical route is generated from all the educational websites in order to build a long-term project.


From Bento.io, their mission is to offer all developers and people new to this field the possibility of programming even if they do not have the necessary financial resources. It has a modern and accessible control panel so that you know where you left the last lesson without writing it down physically.

You will find classes recorded and classified into tracks to make it easier to get to the part that interests you the most. It takes over the major programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more.


Codeacademy holds the merit of having been one of the first web pages to have managed to offer free evolution content. Although right now it has a free space, they have also opted for a space through subscription with specialization programs for those people who are much more advanced.

But what interests us in this case are the courses for those people who are starting out in programming by making them totally free. Specifically, courses in Spanish and English will be available to study HTML, CCS, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, R, PHP, C++, and more.

Code Avengers

Without a doubt, Code Avengers has a very peculiar name as it resembles that of superheroes. In this case, the page offers different interactive and fun approaches to learning to program without planting a series of PDF files that must be read to do the subsequent exercises.

The free course has 12 hours in several languages ​​and a community behind it. The course is divided by age and level in this field. You will be able to learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and also web development.


From Code.org they want to open the world of programming to all people and at all levels. This means that you have a lot of interactive material to start working with code from day one.

The contents are available in different languages, and the range of ages for which they are recommended is observed, and even the level for those who are just starting out. Specifically, the courses are launched from the age of four.


This website has a wide range of courses for different topics, from development to video game programming. All these courses have a special aesthetic so that you can interact comfortably throughout the learning process.

Among the programming languages, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or SQL stand out. It has an achievement system that allows each person to set a very clear objective in their learning, motivating them to continue advancing.

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