Microsoft will show us its “Next Generation Windows” on June 24: here’s what to expect

Satya Nadella doesn’t usually make bombastic announcements, but he spoke a few days ago that he was especially excited about what ” Next Generation Windows ” would be like.

That comment has created certain expectations, and we will be able to know what awaits us next June 24 : Microsoft has summoned the media for a special event in which they will show us “what is next for Windows”.

Windows promises a makeover

Nadella was already advancing that the next major Windows update will be “one of the most important of the decade“, and thus proposed a change that is probably focused in a very special way to the interface of this operating system.

Microsoft has been making changes to that interface for some time, adding light and dark themes or changes to the start menu , and that effort seems to have a special climax thanks to the Sun Valley project that precisely proposes that change of look in Windows.

Next-generation Windows 10 updates
Windows 10 updates

The visual improvements will probably affect the iconography – which they have been retouching lately and probably other sections of the system that could bring up interesting new features when working with this operating system that has been with us for six years.

This major update could have another key component: that of a totally revamped application store, which is precisely one of Microsoft’s clear failures so far.

Their attempts to offer an option analogous to the one that the App Store or the Play Store propose in iOS and Android have not caught on, and today the Microsoft Store still does not catch on among users.

That could change with that store that would also pose another radical change in its operation, which would open the doors to payment platforms not controlled by Microsoft, something that seems almost done on purpose so that we remember that Apple is being judged in the United States just by the tight control you have of the App Store.

The Microsoft event will take place at 5:00 p.m. CEST on June 24 ( 5:00 p.m. also in Spanish peninsular time), and in Engadget we will be covering everything that Microsoft discovers us in that interesting meeting.

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