12 + 1 things you can do with a Mi smart plug

Many are the users who begin their journey in the world of domotizing their home through smart plugs. And it is that these types of products are among one of the most affordable gadgets when it comes to automating certain elements of our homes, therefore, it is interesting to opt for this type of solutions so as not to have to spend large amounts of money on products specific.

Xiaomi is one of the brands that offer this type of solution with its Mi Smart Plug, a smart plug that connects to our smartphone via Wi-Fi and that we can automate at will from the Mi Home application. Now, what are the uses that we can give to this device in practice?. In this post we make a selection of different uses that you can give it, but surely you can think of many more.

How a smart plug works

Before starting with our selection of uses, we must do a brief review of how this device works so that you have everything ready when automating your home. The Mi Smart Plug works through Wi-Fi technology and its configuration is done easily through the Mi Home application.

Xiaomi Smart Plug
Xiaomi Smart Plug

Once configured, we can carry out some tasks such as:

  • Monitor the electrical consumption of the product that we have connected
  • Activate or deactivate the passage of electricity through the device
  • Program schedules to turn the current on or off

The ideal is to connect simple products that work with the on or off of a simple mechanical switch that, incidentally, we must leave activated by default to be able to correctly manage the on or off directly from the smart plug itself.

In addition, not only can we control the Mi Smart Plug from the application to turn it on and off, but it is also possible to control it with our voice through the Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants that are fully compatible.

Finally, we must keep two aspects very present when choosing this product:

  • Its maximum power is 2,500W, therefore, we cannot connect products of a higher power
  • If we lose the Wi-Fi connection we can continue using it with the on and off button that we have in the plug itself.
Mi smart plug
Xiaomi Smart Plug

Usage ideas for a smart plug

  • Use it for shots that are difficult to access. If, for example, you have a plug in an area that is difficult to access, such as the back of a piece of furniture, the ideal is to leave whatever you want to control connected and do it remotely for greater comfort.
  • Connect a fan in summer. It is common for us to use this type of product in summer at bedtime to avoid heat. The downside is that they will stay on all night, thus consuming more energy. With the Mi Smart Plug we can program its shutdown and avoid this problem.
  • Remotely turn on or off coffee makers or kettles. This can save us a few valuable minutes in our mornings and have our coffee or infusion ready when we arrive in our kitchen.
  • Connect a power strip to the socket. With this we will be able to avoid the so annoying stand by mode of the power strips and to pay or turn on all the connected devices at the same time. Of course, be very careful with the number of connections we make in order not to exceed those 2,500W of maximum power of our Mi Smart Plug.
  • Something key is to be able to control the electricity consumption of certain devices, and thanks to this gadget we can do it without problems to avoid surprises in our electricity bill.
  • You can make a lamp smart by simply plugging it in. We must leave activated the power switch of the lamp itself and we can turn it on or off directly through the Mi home application remotely.
  • You can optimize the charging time for devices such as your mobile phone, laptop or electric scooter by programming the charging time recommended by the manufacturer.
  • You can create different routines depending on your needs. Thanks to its compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa, we can create routines to turn groups of devices on and off at the same time, for example, if we create a good morning routine, we can turn on the lights or the coffee maker without requiring extra effort.
  • You can turn your sound system on or off to be able to activate it whenever you need it and enjoy your favourite music without the need to connect it manually.
  • We can connect our garden lighting directly to the Mi Smart Plug, so that you can activate them as you wish when you need them or program their operation to automatically turn on when the sun goes down.
  • Whenever we go on vacation we forget to turn off a device in our home such as our electric water heater. If we connect these products to the smart plug, we can turn them off or on without the need to be at home and avoid having to return.
  • If you have children, you can schedule a time to use the television or the video console without having to be constantly pending so that your children have a content consumption that you consider appropriate.
  • If you are people with reduced mobility or you take care of them, it is interesting to use this type of device in order to improve their needs. Thanks to voice assistants from Amazon and Google, we can control many devices without the need to activate or deactivate them manually.

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