Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 review

Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10

Extremely expensive, extremely greedy, but also extremely fast: The new Aldi PC Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 has nothing at all like discounter goods, as this review shows.

If you want to play games of the caliber ” Assassin’s Creed Mirage ” (available from October 5, 2023) with full detail reproduction and fine-grained 4K resolution, you need a gaming PC with a lot of performance. A copy with plenty of power will be available at the discounter Aldi shortly before the game’s release: the Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 will be for sale there from September 28, 2023. The price: confident! But customers also get a lot in return, as this test shows.

Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 in the test

Manufacturer Medion has put the Enforcer X10 in a stylish black housing, for which gamers also need some space. Because it is a full-sized computer: half a meter high, half a meter deep and 22 centimeters wide.

Unusual: The on and off switch is located on the bottom left side – together in a bar with a USB-C socket, two USB Type-A ports and sockets for headphones and microphone.

Tidy interior

By the way, the side covers are not closed, but rather transparent side walls. This means that users can view the (tidy) interior, illuminated in RGB colors if desired, at any time:

Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10
Water cooling protects the processor core i9-13900KF of the Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 from burning out
  • Processor: The heart of the Enforcer Special feature: The “F” at the end of the CPU name reveals that this is a processor without a graphics chip.

Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10
Nothing more is possible: The Gigabyte graphics card is equipped with Nvidia’s currently fastest graphics chip – the GeForce RTX 4090
  • Graphics card: The Enforcer doesn’t need it either, after all, the image rendering is calculated by a graphics card from Gigabyte, which is equipped with Nvidia’s most powerful graphics chip – the GeForce RTX 4090.
Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10
Distributed across two modules: The processor of the Medion Erazer Enforcer
  • RAM: The Medion has a very generous 64 gigabytes of RAM for quickly swapping out calculated data.
Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10
The SSD of the Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 effectively offers 1.86 terabytes of storage
  • SSD: The SSD also offers plenty of storage with an effective 1.86 terabytes. Nevertheless: It could easily be twice as big in this price range.
Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10
On the bottom left side, the Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 has easily accessible ports for headphones and microphone, a USB-C port and two USB Type-A sockets

Nobody has ever been faster

So the hardware comes from the top shelf. And with that, the Enforcer immortalized itself in the testers’ notebooks with one record after another. He completed demanding tasks such as assembling a large panorama using image processing such as Photoshop in no time. And when playing current games in full HD resolution, it brought almost 300 frames per second to the screen, while playing in 4K resolution it was 133 frames per second – more than enough for smooth playback.

Test table Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 (MD 34370)

ProcessorIntel Core i9-13900KF
Graphic CardGigabyte GeForce RTX 4090
Random Access Memory64GB DDR5 (2x32GB)
SSD1863GB WD_Black (NVMe)
Hard DiskUnavailable
Speed with OfficeVery high (100%)
Pace with Photo and Video EditingVery high (100%)
Game speed with 1920×1080 pixelsVery high (299 frames per second)
Game speed with 3840×2160 pixelsVery high (133 frames per second)
SSD speedVery fast (98.4%)
USB speed (Read/Write)1389 / 920 MB/sec.
Noises in Office applicationsVery quiet (0.7 sone)
Noise level under full loadLoud (5.8 sones)
Power consumption in office applications128 watts
Power consumption under full load860 watts
Mixed electricity consumption per year (electricity costs)1388 KWh (458 euros)
Connections1x microphone, 1x headphones, 1x audio input, 2x audio output, 1x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort (can be used at the same time), 1x network (2.5 Gbit), 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen. 2×2, 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen. 2, 5x USB 3.2 Gen. 1, 4x USB 2.0
Radio connectionsWLAN-ax (Wifi 6E; 2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.3
Upgrade options Expansion cards/Random access memory/Mass storage/DVD-BD drives2x M.2, 1x PCIe x16, 1x PCIe 3.0 x4 / 2x DDR5 / 6x Sata, 1x Mini-PCIe, 2x hard drives,/-
Keyboard/MouseNot included / Not included

Nobody has ever been greedier

The Medion set standards in terms of speed – no Windows PC in the test laboratory has ever been faster. But none of the test candidates used up to 860 watts under full load. For comparison: a classic office PC often runs on less than a tenth of that. This also applies to the consumption for Internet office tasks: While office PCs are content with around 15 watts for less demanding tasks, the Medion uses 128 watts.

Medion ErazerEnforcer-X10
Plenty of connections: The Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 offers all of today’s common sockets on the back

Good upgrade options

But only a few office PCs offer as good upgrade options as the Enforcer: For example, the RAM can be doubled and users can upgrade two M.2 SSDs and up to three hard drives if necessary.

Medion Erazer Enforcer X10 in the test: conclusion

Undisputedly, the price for the Enforcer X10 in the MD 34370 equipment variant tested here is immensely high: the discounter Aldi charges 3,849 euros. But the Enforcer is worth the money: the graphics card and processor alone currently cost 2,400 euros. The best thing: At the time of testing, the Medion was the fastest PC ever tested by us. It is also well equipped and offers many upgrade options. Only its power consumption is anything but modern!

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