Latest Touch screen hologram are already used by Japanese

In Japan they are already testing with touch screen hologram, so that the user’s finger would never come into direct contact with the panel.

Although touch screens have many advantages, it is also true that it is one of the places with the highest number of bacteria since they are areas that thousands of people touch.

Now, in the current pandemic situation, it is clear that the most advisable thing is, after touching a public touch screen hologram, immediately wash our hands. Well, in Japan they have wanted to take today’s touch screens much further, creating touch screens covered in holograms.

So Murakami Corporation, in collaboration with Parity Innovations, has developed a non-contact hologram control system for Japanese toilets, but which could also be extended to other types of devices such as ATMs or vending machines, they point out from InterestingEngineering.

Japanese touch screen hologram

This touch screen hologram panel called “Floating Pictogram Technology (FPT)” makes use of next generation airborne optical image technology. Thanks to this touch screen with floating hologram, users are allowed to press on the buttons on the hologram without physically touching the panel, thus not coming into contact with the surface that could be plagued with all kinds of bacteria.

This technology works with spatial detection that deduces the position of a finger in the air using a proprietary algorithm, the company notes. They highlight that this system and technology can be adapted and implemented to multiple product applications, because it could also be seen in ATMs or even on self-payment touch screens.

Japanese touch screen hologram

In principle, this touch panel with hologram has been released in different public toilets in Japan, thus improving hygiene in these areas with so many bacteria. Murakami has so far provided tests of its system to manufacturers and hospitals for evaluation, and it expects its technology to be commercially available by 2022.

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