Jabra Elite 8 Active: The Ultimate Workout Earbuds?

Jabra Elite 8 Active

There are many brands and models of true-wireless headphones. In fact, I would say that there are surely perfect ones for each type of user if we do not take the budget into account. Jabra has launched the latest version of its model with a focus for athletes, Elite 8 Active.

Many True Wireless in-ear headphones are not resistant to sweat or water and it is something that if you do sports with them you should take into account if you want them to last.

Jabra updates its Active line with the Elite 8, with a rubbery and comfortable design and finish that remains very secure in the ear even if you do impact sports.

The company has studied more than 62,000 ear shapes and has found a design with which practically all users will be comfortable and will not fall off during normal sports use.

All this without the need for stabilizer bars or additional pieces to increase grip, that is, headphones that you put in your ear and their own design and material achieves that grip.

In addition, they are a model with active noise cancellation (ANC) with a range of up to 8 hours with ANC activated and a maximum of more than 50 hours after charging in the box, or more than 30 hours with noise cancellation.

Features and technical data sheet of the Jabra Elite 8 Active

DimensionsEarpiece: 19.7 x 19.7 x 29mmCase: 24.4 x 46.9 x 65.4 mm
Weight5 grams each earphone46.4 grams per box
Microphone3 microphones per headset100 – 8,000 Hz
Drivers6mm20 – 20,000. Hz
WaterproofIP68 – HeadphonesIP54 – Box
Connections / CodecsSBC | AAC
Battery and autonomy14 hours per charge (8 hours ANC) | Total 56 hours (32 hours)Quick charge 5 min – 1 hour of useFull charge box and headphones up to 3 hours 
Additional featuresDolby Audio SupportJabra Hybrid ANCMultipoint ConnectivityUsing a single earphone (mono binaural)Microsoft Swift PairGoogle Fast Pair
Price199.99 dollars

Design: Compact, comfortable and with a lot of grip

If there is something that differentiates these headphones from the vast majority on the market, it is their design, they are button type without any other element to be held.

Jabra Elite 8 Active
Jabra Elite 8 Active

The finish is silicone and, to a large extent, is responsible for maintaining friction with the ear pinna so that they do not fall during use. 

Because they are a model mainly focused on active people who do sports, that extra grip is important. I have been able to verify that they do not fall even if I shake my head consciously.

They are very compact and really light headphones. It is true that the rubbery finish of the silicone has the clear advantage of improving grip once put on, but they are also dirtier and you will have to clean them more often.

To control playback and noise cancellation, the headphones have a physical button, with a click, on the outside, where we see the company logo. They are non-tactile and prevent false touches, but they limit their functionality.

These headphones are completely resistant to water, dust and sweat. They have IP68 certification, while the box remains IP52, splash resistant.

Speaking of the box, it is not particularly big nor small. It has a case design with a top cover and rounded shapes with a USB-C at the bottom and no button to pair them.

This box is also compatible with Qi charging, so you can always save the trip if you charge the box from your mobile.

Jabra stands out with its complete application, although Hi-Res is missing

Jabra’s Sound+ app is one of the most comprehensive apps on the market, with equalization support, adjusting headphone controls, the option to choose Dolby Audio surround audio – not Atmos – and much more.

During my tests I can also comment on the firmware update process of the headphones, since I received them before they were released and, therefore, before having the final firmware.

Jabra Elite 8 Active
Jabra Elite 8 Active

From the application itself, in a matter of two clicks after receiving the notice, the firmware is downloaded to the mobile phone and transferred to the headset, the complete process takes around 15 minutes.

Sound+ is an application that we have already seen in previously analyzed models such as Elite 10 and I am not going to go into detail about it.

The application shows more or less options depending on the headset you use and with these Jabra Elite 8 Active we practically have the complete pack.

We do miss, however, the Hi-Res support and we are already in a price range of around 200 euros where it should be standard. These headphones support SBC and AAC codecs, the latter being the one you will use on most mobile phones (iPhone included).

In terms of connectivity, Jabra has integrated Bluetooth 5.3 support with LE status for call waiting. As I mentioned, it does not have Hi-Res mode support, but it is compatible with any device that supports the Bluetooth profiles A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, HFP v1.8, PBP V1.0 or TMAP V 1.0.

In addition, it has Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair fast connection support and you can always force pairing mode by pressing and holding both headphones when you are wearing them.

The Elite 8 Active have multipoint Bluetooth connectivity support, that is, you can have them paired to your laptop and your mobile at the same time and listen to the audio from your laptop and automatically jump to your mobile when a call or audio is received.

The total number of paired devices it can store is 10, more than enough even for an intensive user like me, testing devices.

Good sound with adequate noise cancellation and top autonomy

If there is something that stands out about these headphones, it is their great autonomy. I can say it once or ten times. The battery and consumption they have is something that makes you forget to charge them for several days. In fact, I was in Berlin for 7 days and I only charged the box for the return flight, just in case (it was already empty, although the headphones were charged, of course).

These headphones have a fast charging mode that if once unloaded you put them in the box, in just 5 minutes they already offer 1 hour of operation (without noise cancellation).

Charging of the box can be done from USB-C or wirelessly using the Qi standard.

Once charged, it can take up to 3 hours if the headphones are also discharged, this box can offer up to 56 hours of use without noise cancellation, 14 hours continuous. 

Also, if we opt for the noise cancellation mode, up to 32 hours of use and 8 hours of continuous use. If you do a quick math you will realize that the box can offer three full recharges to the headphones.

Jabra Elite 8 Active
Jabra Elite 8 Active

Let’s talk about the sound quality, which is not bad, but it does not shine as much as its autonomy. Jabra has integrated a 6 mm driver and it is noticeable that it pushes the bass a little more than in higher models such as the Elite 10, to compensate for its size.

With the equalizer you can customize the audio to your liking, but as standard, I notice less clarity in the midrange than in other true-wireless headphones .

These headphones will connect via the AAC codec to your smartphone, which cuts some bandwidth and has some loss compared to alternatives of equivalent price with Hi-Res support, but, certainly, the focus of these headphones is on active, sports, etc.

In short, it will be difficult to tell the difference if you are not in a quiet environment and paying exclusive attention to the music.

As an extra we have Dolby Audio support that gives a certain spatiality to the sound and that, in my opinion, would only make sense to use in a controlled environment and to watch a movie. 

In terms of music I find that the voices move away to give spatiality, but it is not a pleasant result in most cases.

The noise cancellation is good, helped by the sealing provided by those silicone tips. Perhaps it is somewhat behind the top devices on the market such as its older brother Elite 10 or the Sony WF-C7009, but even on a plane it makes listening more comfortable without having to increase the volume more than 60-70%.

Versions, offers and price of the Jabra Elite 8 Active

The Danish company Jabra has presented these Elite 8 Active at IFA 2023 and has done so in various color finishes. There is the navy blue version, which we have analyzed, and then in black, in gray and exclusively on their website, in caramel color.

Jabra has also put the headphones on sale through the main stores on the market at a recommended retail price of 199.99 dollars.

If you are looking for headphones to do sports and not worry about them falling to the ground, getting wet with sweat or water, these Elite 8 Active are for you.

They are 50 euros less than their older brothers, the Elite 10, which provide the extra Dolby Atmos, better noise cancellation and better sound quality. Although, on the other hand, they lose complete resistance to water and dust.

Is the Jabra Elite 8 Active worth buying?

These headphones have clear pros such as the autonomy and versatility offered by their design and their water resistance. Jabra charges 199.99 dollars for them and it could be a somewhat high price if you don’t need that water resistance or that much autonomy.

The Elite 8 Active have a clear target audience and this rules out users looking for high fidelity and Hi-Res support in music or the best noise cancellation on the market, something to expect in headphones in the 200 dollar range.

However, don’t get me wrong, they are headphones that fulfill everything and can be the faithful squire for the daily life of an active person. They are comfortable headphones, with almost eternal autonomy, with noise cancellation and resistant to water, sweat and dust.

It will depend on the type of use you are going to give it, choosing these that are more all-terrain than others that may offer better audio quality at a similar price.

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