Microsoft Store: For the first time, free folder selection when installing games

With the upcoming update for the Microsoft Store and the Xbox app on the PC, players should for the first time have the freedom to choose the installation folder for games. Microsoft announced this as part of its video for the November update on YouTube. So far, games have always been 


filed under.

Players get full access to the installation folder

As the website The Verge had already reported before the video was published, users will not only have the free choice of the installation folder for games, but will also be able to move, copy, rename and modify it freely. This folder is currently write-protected.

Both games purchased in the Microsoft Store and games from the Xbox Game Pass for the PC will make use of this option in the future. This also enables mods that you have installed yourself for the first time, which usually require access to the game directory.

Players benefit from mods and backups

It will also be possible for the first time to completely save games from the Microsoft Store as part of a backup or to store them directly on a data carrier that is separate from Windows, which can be a great advantage in the event of installation errors or a reinstallation of the operating system.

In this regard, the Microsoft Store would in the future continue to catch up with the pure game distribution platforms and clients such as Steam, GOG Galaxy and the Epic Games Store. The approximately 5-minute PC Community Update, which introduces all minor and major changes, provides more information.

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