Huawei approaches Google Maps with its new Petal Maps: offline maps, lane guidance and much more

The competition in the applications of maps and GPS routes is intensifying despite the fact that Google Maps is the clear winner thanks to its omnipresence on Android: Huawei greatly raises the bar for its Petal Maps with the 2.0 update. It is an app suitable for the brand’s mobile phones and also for the rest of Android, it is worth giving it a try.

Loading the map application on the phone is such a common gesture that we have already forgotten that these applications were expensive fifteen years ago and were accompanied by a special device to use them, the GPS receiver. Google Maps was in charge of democratizing the guided routes and the location, then other opponents arrived who have overshadowed it. Petal Maps is becoming a great alternative.

Petal Maps 2.0 improves navigation and local search

One of the enormous advantages of Google Maps is its ability not only to offer maps, but also places to visit and to go to in search of services. Petal Maps already included its own list of POIs (points of interest for its acronym in English), but now it takes a great leap forward by incorporating hotel reservations, more information about nearby restaurants or search by type of food .

Huawei has sought the versatility so that Petal Maps is a true alternative for those who do not want (or cannot) use Google services. Even when there is no internet: it is now possible to download maps to your phone to use when there is no access to a connection.

Petal Maps offers regional downloads with a territory locator that allows you to search by country. This enables navigation and guidance on the usual roads, also by countries to which a trip is planned, for example. And without excessive limits: Petal Maps allows you to keep several complete regions offline (three simultaneous downloads; we have not found a limit on the number of downloaded regions beyond what the mobile storage offers).

In addition to the major novelties, Petal Maps 2.0 offers a new layer of videos, allows to make improvements to the maps, includes lane guidance so as not to miss exits on motorways and expressways, enables real-time planning of routes and Huawei introduce more “gamification” elements with medals in exchange for contributions.

The new version of Petal Maps can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store and also from the App Gallery. It is suitable for most Android devices with version 7 and higher.

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