How to use Canva from ChatGPT

canva chatgpt integration

If you have ChatGPT Plus and are a Canva user, pay attention, because there is already a Canva plugin inside our preferred AI assistant.

The union of Canva and ChatGPT Plus marks a new chapter at the intersection of artificial intelligence and graphic design. This collaboration can not only simplify the creative process but also open up new possibilities for users and the technology industry, although it is a very basic integration at the moment.

Canva has been a pioneer in incorporating artificial intelligence into its design tools.  In March this year, the company released several AI updates , such as Text to Image and Magic Eraser, which have made the design process easier and faster.

The integration allows ChatGPT Plus users to access a variety of Canva templates to efficiently create graphic designs. Although it doesn’t create images from scratch, the plugin uses existing Canva templates to make creating professional designs faster.

When asking for what we want, it shows several templates with the corresponding link in Canva, so we will have to leave ChatGPT to carry out the editing process outside.

Unlike other text-to-image generators like Midjourney, this integration does not seek to create images from scratch. Instead, it capitalizes on Canva’s extensive library and user-friendly interface, making it easy to search but without creating anything unique.

The integration of Canva into ChatGPT Plus could have a significant impact on how content creation and graphic design is approached in the future. It could also be a precursor to future multimodal capabilities in AI platforms like ChatGPT, but this would require creating features that allow you to bypass the use of entering Canva, designing with prompts, for example.

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