How to sell Instagram posts as NFT

The NFT have been well received, particularly in the field of digital art. These non-fungible tokens function as a certificate of ownership and as a token of authenticity for a virtual asset.

With the help of a new tool, it is possible to adapt Instagram publications to this format, a platform in which visual and audiovisual creators have an important place, given the flow of public that the social network has, plus commercial and dissemination tools with which it counts.

cocoNFT, a service that transforms Instagram posts into NFT

Marketing publications as NFT at this point is not something new. However, access to this model demands certain technical knowledge that is not available to any user without specific preparation in blockchain or other related matters.

The proposal of this service seeks to differentiate itself from the current generality, focusing on people who do not handle notions about cryptography and who even do not even have cryptocurrencies or other similar assets.

To start using cocoNFT, you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet or connect an existing one, if you already have it. Subsequently, it is necessary to connect the Instagram account that you want to link to the service, to choose from the existing publications which ones will be marketed as NFT. After completing this dynamic, a link will be generated to share – from the biography of the Instagram account, ideally – with potential buyers.

The price of each publication is defined by its author and to verify its authenticity, when generating the NFT, its creator must sign a digital contract. The transactions managed through cocoNFT are carried out in the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

An attractive point of this platform is that despite not being free at all, at least it does not impose advance fees to start generating NFTs. Outside the charges that may be generated by way of payment processing, cocoNFT has a rate of commissions applies only on closed sales. In this way, the initial investment restriction imposed by other platforms is eliminated, especially discouraging emerging artistic projects, which are not yet well positioned commercially.

In the midst of times in which digitization has transcended even art and its commercial possibilities, with resources like this it is possible to start exploring new paths without putting much at risk, given the facilities offered. You can learn more about how this tool works at

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