Now you can Download Netflix Video library within seconds

Now you can download Netflix Video library within seconds with this internet technology. As a race rages around the world to make ultra-speed broadband networks commercially available, a group of British scientists claim to have reached the world’s fastest Internet speed, with which we can download Netflix video library in a fraction of a second.

Broadband Network
Broadband Network

The University College London (UCL) team used amplifiers to improve the way light carries digital data over fiber optic broadband, to achieve a record 178 terabits per second, nearly three million times faster. than the average UK domestic connection.

Findings from the project, conducted in collaboration with telecommunications companies Xtera and KDDI Research, were published in the IEEE Photonics Technology Letter.

Lidia Galdino, who led the research team at a laboratory in Bloomsbury, said that such “ultra-broadband” will support the next generation of the Internet, supporting 5G mobile networks used by data-intensive applications such as driverless cars. and smart city infrastructures.

The new record was achieved by transmitting data in a wider color gamut than typically used in fiber optics. For the speed test, Galdino sent computer-generated bits on a 25-mile fiber optic loop around the Bloomsbury lab.

Massive speed increases were made possible by building custom amplifiers to increase signal strength. It means its super speeds, the equivalent of 178 million megabits per second , were roughly 2.8 million times faster than Ofcom’s average 64mbps UK home broadband connection.

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