How to program the on and off of a Xiaomi mobile

We tell you how you can program the automatic on and off of a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile that uses the MIUI interface.

In recent years we have become accustomed to having our mobile on at our side at all times.
However, before mobile phones were smart, it was common to find among the options some settings that we now see strange, such as the programming of the mobile on and off, something that can be useful if we do not want the mobile to stay on during the operation. night wasting battery.

We have this function available on Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobiles that use MIUI.

How to program the on and off of a Xiaomi mobile


To be able to adjust the time or frequency with which we want the mobile to turn on or off we have to go to the battery settings, within the Settings. There we will have a section called Schedule on / off. If we enter we can activate the two characteristics independently, as well as choose the time at which we want the action to be executed and if we want it to be repeated or not on a daily basis, only on weekdays or never.In our tests we have seen how the shutdown task works perfectly, always a few seconds after the minute marked, but without problems. The problem comes when configuring the boot since the terminal executes the action but it takes up to 4 minutes longer than expected.This function is also available on other mobiles such as OnePlus with Oxygen OS or Huawei with EMUI.

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