How to fix slow Wi-Fi on mobile devices?

When we connect via Wi-Fi, either from a mobile device or a computer, there are many problems that can arise. Although it is an increasingly used technology, the truth is that it does not have as much stability and sometimes not as fast as the cable. In this article we are going to talk about slow Wi-Fi on mobile devices. A problem that occurs to many users on the network. The causes can be several, so it is convenient to know them to try to find a solution.

Wi-Fi is slow on mobile

If we think about how we used to connect to the Internet, a few years ago, it was normal to surf through a computer connected by cable. Wireless networks weren’t that widespread, and computers that could connect like this were not very capable. However, this has gradually changed and today we can even say that the vast majority of devices connect to the Internet without using cables.

But of course, this also has its negative points. One of them is coverage, which is not always the best. This also affects speed and can cause problems when entering the Internet, opening a page or using an application. Especially this can happen in mobile devices, which usually have a more limited network card compared to a computer.

When we connect to the Internet from our mobile phone, Wi-Fi is often slow. We see that from a computer or any other equipment this does not happen and we wonder why it does happen on the phone. This can be caused by a bad configuration, failure with the connection itself, malware

Normally this can be solved if we take into account certain tips and small changes that we make in the software and configuration of the device. In this way we will achieve greater stability, a lower risk of problems arising and, ultimately, we will make it work as well as possible.

Why is the Internet slow on my mobile?

Fix slow Wi-Fi on mobile devices
Wi-fi signal

We are going to see what are the main causes why is there slow Wi-Fi on mobile devices. This way we will know how to solve the problem and make the connection go as well as possible. This could happen on mobile, but also on other devices such as tablets.

Using the wrong band

One of the most common reasons why the Wi-Fi connection is slow on mobile is due to using the wrong band. As we know, today most devices allow us to connect through the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Each of them is best for certain situations.

Basically we can say that if we connect far from the router, the best thing is that we are using the 2.4 GHz band, which is less sensitive to distance and possible obstacles. On the other hand, if we are connected near the device and we want the maximum speed, the best is the 5 GHz band.

We are very far from the access point

Of course another reason is that we are connected too far from the access point. Maybe we are not connected directly to the router, but through a Wi-Fi repeater or PLC device. We may have several available and we are not connected to the most optimal. We can always make use of additional equipment that will help optimize the network, have greater coverage in our home and thus avoid dead zones.

We have some malware on the system

Behind Internet speed problems and poor system performance is often malware. There are many varieties of attacks that we can suffer when surfing the net. Many types of Trojans, viruses and others that can hinder the proper functioning.

To avoid problems of this type we must always have security tools. A good antivirus can help us ensure that our computer is free of threats and works as well as possible, making the most of the available resources. There are also additional programs, such as a firewall or even browser extensions. All this will improve security and prevent the entry of malicious software that can also put network speed, outages and instability at risk.

We are browsing with a VPN

The VPN tools are very useful and also widely used in mobile devices. But if the Wi-Fi works slow on the mobile and we are using a program of this type, it could be causing problems that make the connection not work well.

We can always try to switch to another server, in case the VPN has several. Sometimes that way we can improve the speed. However, if this is a frequent problem we could choose to choose a different VPN.

We could also apply this if we are browsing through a proxy. Sometimes we have no choice but to use it to connect to a server in a certain country and thus avoid geo-blocking. However, it could be causing conflicts and causing instability in the wireless network.

Some program causes conflict

Another common problem is that we have a program that is causing connection problems. Very common if we connect via Wi-Fi on the mobile and we have speed problems, it is that we have an antivirus or firewall that interferes with the connection. In this case, we could try to disable it momentarily and perform a speed test to see if this solves the problem.

We have outdated device

On the other hand, it is essential that we always keep our devices up to date. Otherwise we would not be making the most of the available resources and we could have problems that affect the speed of the Internet.

Therefore, we must always update the device. This must also be applied to the network card and to any software that we are using. This way we will always have it protected and possible vulnerabilities will not affect us.

Ultimately, these are some of the main causes why Wi-Fi can run slow on mobile. As we can see, we can take into account some simple steps with which to improve the connection as much as possible.

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