How to enable God Mode in Windows 11?

We are going to explain how to activate God Mode in Windows 11, which is also known as the GodMode folder. This is a Windows hack that was also present in previous versions, and that allows you to create a special folder that is full of shortcuts to advanced tools and functions.

Actually, God Mode is a normal folder for Windows. What happens is that by including certain code in its name, it becomes a special folder. When you open it, you have more than 200 shortcuts to different Windows 11 options, divided into several categories where you can explore them.

Create the folder to use God Mode

The first thing you have to do is create a new folder, which will become the one that gives you access to this God Mode. You can create the folder on the desktop or in Windows 11 explorer, wherever it is most convenient for you.

Now comes the important part. You have to name the folder GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. If you already have it named as New folder, edit the name to put this one. It has to be as we have put it, with all the symbols and numbers, and including the term GodMode.

When you type that command as the name and hit Enter to accept, you will see that the folder name will disappear and it will be blank. This is normal, you should leave it like that. Also, the folder icon itself may also change.

And that’s it. Entering this new folder you will open the Windows God Mode menu. The options displayed here will depend on the version of Windows or the hardware of the device, and some of the options may seem out of date in Windows 11.

However, the reason for this God Mode is that you will find many useful options without having to look for them in the Control Panel or Windows options. To open any of the shortcuts, double-click on it and you will access its settings.

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