How to download Android Auto 9.2

Google Android Auto 9.0

After a few days have passed since the release of its beta version, Google has already released the final version of Android Auto 9.2. And as usual, we are going to tell you what the main new features are so that you know what you will find after updating the app and connecting it to the car to use it as an on-board operating system.

This new version is already coming through Google Play update to all mobiles. Unfortunately, we find again that there are still no notable changes , although we are going to explain to you why this is.

What’s new in Android Auto 9.2

As usual in recent months, there is no aesthetic change or any new function in this new version of Android Auto. The Coolwalk interface has not yet been deployed in a general way, so it may come to you with this version and it may not, although you always have the method to activate it manually .

Other of the expected innovations have also not yet arrived, such as Coolwalk’s clear mode or the Material You interface for application settings. Nor have new features been added or anything that you are going to realize that you are using a new version.

And it is that in the end, we continue with the custom that the news of Android Auto go inside. This means that the new versions bring only small changes to the code of the operating system with which the way is paved for future developments, which are implemented slowly and progressively.

And because? Well, because in the end we are talking about an operating system for the car, so any failure can be fatal. And despite this care, there are still users who continue to experience problems or slowdowns , so Google should be focusing on improving this point in Android Auto updates.

At the moment, it seems that most efforts are being focused on solving some known errors that the application has, which are not few. In addition to this, compatibility is also usually added or optimized with new vehicle models or screen formats.

Update to Android Auto 9.2

Now that Android Auto 9.2 is already available in its public and stable version, updating to it is very simple and you don’t need to do much. You can do it directly through Google Play, looking for updates to the apps installed on your mobile, among which Android Auto will appear.

You can also download the update manually by downloading its APK from APKMirror.  The only decision you have to make is to choose the architecture of your mobile and if it is ARM or ARM64, and download the latest version available. If your mobile is current, it is almost certainly ARM64. Once downloaded, you just have to install the APK file on Android

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