How to create a QR code very easily

It is easy to create a qr code of any stuffs you want for your personal use or any commercial purpose. The QR code is something every passing day more is established in our lives, as we find in a lot of situations and with different objectives. But do you really know what they are or how they work? We are going to explain it to you right now.

Nowadays you can find QR codes in a moment of different situations, from advertising, to the elevator of your apartment or at the bar of the bar where you go to have coffee every day, since it is being standardized at forced marches in our society. QR codes are used to share WiFi password easily in mobile devices.

QR code – what exactly are we talking about?

The QR code (Quick Response code) is an evolution of the barcode that is still used in many products. It is a module where information is stored in a two-dimensional barcode or a dot matrix. This type of information can be read from our mobile device as long as we have a reader ready for it.

As soon as we read a QR code, the application takes us to the Internet to interpret everything that the code informs us that can be moved from a website, a map, an access to a social network or an email, among many other possibilities.

This type of system was created in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave (owned by Toyota), although the patent of the barcode technology on which it is based as we’ve already told dates back to 1952 when Joseph Woodland him recorded in the shape of a target shooting target.

The Japanese standard for this type of code (JIS X 0510) was published in January 1998, while the international ISO standard version (ISO / IEC18004), the one we currently use for most QR codes, was approved in June 1998, year 2000.

How does it work

A QR code is a graphic pattern where information has been placed in the form of points and lines, both black and white so that an application specialized in this type of coding can read it and display the information it stores. QR codes can be of various types with a maximum of 177 x 177 elements and a size of up to half a DIN A4 page.

They consist of two elements such as:

  • The three squares at the corners, which are the ones that guide the mobile reader’s scanner.
  • The rest of the code, which is where the information to be transmitted is integrated.

What utilities do they have?

As we have already mentioned, QR codes are used to store information, so this concept is so broad that it could be anything. Anyway, there are certain topics that are the most used in relation to this type of systems:

  • URL address : the most common is that a QR code opens a specific web page with the information that you want to show.
  • WiFi : can be used to pass the password for a WiFi signal.
  • vCard : so we can have a new contact on our list.
  • Geographical location : shows the location on Google Maps or a similar service of something specific.
  • E-mail : shows us a specific email.
  • Downloads : it can be used to download a file.
  • MP3 : we can directly play a song.
  • Text : shows us a text that we need to read, for example, a restaurant menu.
  • Image : displays an image.
  • Store apps : open any app store to download one.
  • Social networks: you can send us to the social networks of some person or business.

Create a QR code

As you have been able to see lines above, the utilities of QR codes are many and varied, being able to serve us for a good number of possibilities. That is why it can be extremely interesting to know where we can create our own in case we need to send some type of information quickly and directly. To achieve this, we are going to see a few tools that can serve us perfectly for this task and that will allow us to have the codes that we ourselves want.

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator

This website to generate QR codes is very easy to use, thanks in large part for having a very simple and quite clear interface of everything you can do. In QR Code Generator we have many options at our disposal, since we can create information from a URL, contact, text, an email, an SMS, a WIFI password, BitCoin, Twitter, Facebook, pdf, mp3, App Store and a photo from an image gallery. The files it supports are jpg, pdf, mp3, docx and pptx. How can you see an extremely complete tool with which we only choose the type of code we want, enter the information and then create the code. That easy.

QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey, create a qr code
QR Code Monkey

The first thing that jumps out as soon as you enter QR Code Monkey is that we have many possibilities to customize the code. We not only have the possibility to create it for a URL, text, email, phone number, SMS, a contact, a MeCard, a location, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BitCoin, WiFi or event, but we can also set colors, add a logo image if we want and even change the type of format from the typical square to one with another shape such as circular or with rounded edges, for example. Accepts files in png, svg, pdf, or eps format.

Unitag QR

In this case we will also have many customization possibilities, being able to change the colors, the type of design, place a logo, put a background color and even a shadow. Unitag QR has a distinctive part with the rest of the tools, such as being able to use any of the templates that it has at our disposal. This can be a perfect solution if we are not too well versed in this type of system and we want everything to be perfectly integrated. In addition, we can use it for social networks, business cards, text, phones, email, SMS, geolocation, calendar and share WiFi network.

QR Stuff

QR Stuff
QR Stuff

This is another tool that offers us a huge amount of possibilities to be able to create codes for localization websites, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even cloud storage such as Dropbox or iTunes links, among many others. more possibilities. Modify size, put logo or different colors is something we will also be able to do with this tool. QR Stuff may not be as intuitive as others, but it is just as powerful.

QR codes

QR Codes is a website has a very simple design and everything is perfectly integrated. At first glance you can see exactly what it offers us with the URL code, SMS. telephone, email, text, contacts, location, event and WIFI. the size can be varied, but it is true that other websites have more customization options, but they may not be as fast as this one.

With everything we have told you, you can already have all the necessary information to not only understand what a QR code is, but also what we use it for and how you can make one for yourself.

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