How to control your Mac music from Apple Watch

You can easily control Mac Music from Apple Watch. If you have a Mac computer and an Apple Watch, we tell you that your experience managing the playback of your favourite music is about to change. Say goodbye to unsuccessful attempts to have Siri turn down the volume or change songs when you’re in another room.

Although it may seem unreal, there is the possibility of controlling the music on your Mac from the Apple Watch in a very simple way. Change songs, pause playback, increase or decrease the volume are some of the actions you can do from your smart watch.

For this, you will obviously need three things: an Apple Watch, a Mac computer (Mac mini, Macbook, Mac Pro or iMac) and that both are connected to the same WiFi network. With this said, it only remains to explain step by step how to configure them.

How to set up your Apple Watch and your Mac

control your Mac music from Apple Watch
Apple Watch

To perform this step, simply follow these instructions:

  • Make sure you have the latest iOS and watchOS version.
  • On your Mac, go to the «Music» app and in the same way, on your Apple Watch go to «Remote».
  • Now, select the “Add device” option on both computers. At this point, you will see how the Apple Watch displays a 4-digit code.
  • Eventually, that is, the «Music» app on your Mac will not always ask you for this code to carry out the synchronization.
  • Once you place the code, you can control the music on your computer from your Apple Watch smart watch.

You may be wondering, why “eventually”? Can it not work? Many times, the app «Music» partially recognizes the Apple Watch and therefore, they are not synchronized as they should.

But don’t worry, this is nothing serious. In the right bar of your «Music» application, you will see the «Devices» section, where your iPhone and eventually your Apple Watch will surely appear, once it is recognized.

Bear in mind that you will most likely have to repeat this action a couple of times, either because the “Music” app indicates that the “code is incorrect” or that “the code has run out” Don’t worry, keep trying.

control your Mac music from Apple Watch
Apple Watch

In addition, you can do the following, in the “Devices” section, locate your Apple Watch and press the button that appears next to it to “Eject the device”. In this way, you will be able to restart the process.

Once both devices have been successfully paired, you will receive a message stating that “Your remote can now control music” within the “Music” app.

So you can control the music on your Mac from the Apple Watch

Once the pairing process is finished, the application responsible for this task will be “Remote” from your Apple Watch, which has the same music interface (controls). In it, you will find the play, pause and change song buttons.

Follow these steps and start controlling your music library from your smart watch.

You can control the volume of your Mac through the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch and there is an AirPlay button on the watch screen that will allow you to access a list of AirPlay devices on your WiFi network, such as your Mac or even HomePod or HomePod mini.

In any case, to control the music on your Mac from the Apple Watch, simply:

  • Open the “Music” app on your Mac.
  • Go to your Apple Watch and launch the “Remote” app.
  • Find the option with your name and «Library».
  • Press the “Play” icon to start the music.

In this way, you can manage your Mac’s music player from your Apple Watch, so you no longer have to go to your computer to change the song, pause it or increase the volume.

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