How to activate new Chrome share menu

Do you want to know how to activate the new Chrome share menu? We explain it to you, so take note because it is very simple and may be useful for you. In addition,  the new Chrome share menu is a feature that the Google browser will release sooner rather than later, so you kill two birds with one stone: you check if you like it or not and you anticipate the official release, because this is something that comes yes or yes.

As you already know, Chrome 94 was launched a few days ago and among its novelties there is a bit of everything, including controversial features that will not be funny to anyone who cares about their privacy. Now, as it does not seem likely that there is anyone who cares about their privacy and uses Chrome, ultimately the most popular web browser on the market by far, here is a “hidden novelty” that you may be interested in knowing, if at all you use Chrome.

In fact, if you use Chrome and follow its development a bit, you will also know that the new features are being tested in the different versions in development, until they reach stable and are enabled for everyone. Before, they remain a time of tests in the same stable version, but in a hidden way, accessible only by activating a hidden option. Well, the new Chrome share menu falls into that category.

Chrome’s new share menu

It is nothing new: several months ago we told you about the  new Chrome sharing menu, but then it was only available to activate in the Canary version of the browser, very interesting for everything that is coming, but not recommended for use in the day to day. Now, however, the feature of yore is already available in the stable version, even if you have to activate it manually. And no, there is no risk in trying it.

Why haven’t they turned it on by default then? Because Google takes its times and yes, it may be necessary to polish it a bit to add an option, but there is no risk and if you encounter a problem, simply reverse the change to stay as you were. Is it worth activating the new Chrome share menu? That already goes to tastes and needs, but it is not bad and as it will not be an optional function…

Speaking of options, this is the most prominent snag of the new menu: it has what it has and no more, no apparent way to add or remove anything : copy link, send to your devices, generate a QR code, send, save page as… ; share link with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the options of the new Chrome share menu, whose button is located to the left of the add bookmark, within the browser’s address bar.

New Chrome share menu
The new Chrome share menu

If you want to activate it, enter the following address and proceed to it ( enabled  and restart the browser):

Like? You do not like? What do you think? I think a thousand years ago they should have added something like that, but it is late and wrong. Let’s hope that when it is available open to everyone, they include the option to edit the menu options, because although as it is it may come in handy for a majority of people, there is another very majority minority that will not be satisfied. Of course, he may not even use Chrome.

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