Nintendo says they take criticism of the status of N64 games on Switch very seriously

Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con game console controller

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service has been surrounded by controversy after Kyoto announced in the Nintendo Direct on September 24 an expansion pack for its subscription service, which added games from Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive and later, the new Animal Crossing expansion.

The move made by the company was not exactly popular, becoming the announcement of Nintendo’s official YouTube channel with the most negative votes, above the controversial presentation of the Metroid Prime Federation Force. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser seems no stranger to the problem, speaking in an interview with The Verge about poor reception from fans.

Unfortunately, the complaints about the expansion pack were compounded when during the launch of the Nintendo 64 games for Nintendo Switch Online, users reported numerous emulation problems such as poor adaptation of the controls, total lack of customization in the buttons, graphical errors and latency issues.

“We take feedback very seriously and continue to look for ways to improve overall performance ,” Doug Bowser responded to criticism of poor emulation on Nintendo 64 games. The president has made a similar speech in recent remarks about his interest in continuing to bring retro games to the market and add value to this service .

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