How the processor / CPU of your mobile and computer works

If you like computing, you will be clear that the processor is like the brain of the computer, where information is organized and calculations are performed to meet the needs of the programs we use in our day to day life. Now, what happens inside a processor? How does CPU work? We see it on video

Intel has been making processors for many years and is one of the largest companies in this segment. It is therefore one of the most indicated to teach us what a processor / CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) is.

They have published two videos in which they cover key concepts to understand the basic operation of a processor, something that we can see in the following video. 

The information shared by Intel is very generic and avoids the traditional marketing terms and putting its processors ahead and focuses on explaining what a CPU is in general. The Intel CVP of Client Engineering, Boyd Phelps, is in charge of offering us this content in a very clear and didactic way.

It is a very superficial content in which they touch a little history about the CPU as well as how they work. This video is just under 20 minutes long.

intel processor
Intel processor

And then they delve into what is the microarchitecture of processors. Something that we leave you in the following video, which is somewhat longer, passing 25 minutes.

This second part touches both the front end, on which developers work and the one that many programming tools take advantage of, and the back end part , or that part of microarchitecture that depends on each processor. 

If you have free time, bookmark this article because it is highly recommended to watch these videos if you want to know how a CPU works.

It is to be appreciated this type of generalist videos that go beyond the news of a single company and that explain in a general way what a CPU is and where the processor market is going and suggests that the direction they will take will be towards FPGAs and quantum computing.

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