3 simple tweaks that will make your mobile fast

With these simple settings your Android mobile or tablet will work more smoothly, and activating them is extremely simple.

Android phones and tablets are much faster than they were years ago, but you can still increase the fluidity of your devices by following some very simple instructions that we are going to show you below.

It’s not magic, but rather adjustments that will help you enjoy a greater sense of fluidity on any smartphone or tablet you use thanks to some visual elements that will help reinforce this idea.

One of these adjustments is one of the most popular Android tricks, but it is worth doing it to notice faster transitions.

Within the developer settings there is an option that allows you to modify the speed of the animations to make them faster or slower, as the user wishes, and setting them at a lower level will make you notice that your device moves faster. Follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Developer Options or Developer Settings.
  • Change the animation scale to x0.5 or turn it off.

As you will see after carrying out the adjustment, which you must do in all three sections, now the movement of the mobile is much faster, and despite the fact that the power of the device has not increased, it feels faster.

Logically, this method does not work miracles, and it will not improve the processor or increase the RAM of the device, but it will be perceived as faster, by showing less animation time.

If you do not have the developer settings active on your Android device, you just have to go to the Information section, in the Settings, and click repeatedly on the Build number section.

Activate Virtual RAM

Virtual RAM

The vast majority of mobiles that have been released in the recent past have an option called Virtual RAM, which will use internal storage space to add it to RAM and use it as such.

To activate it, you just have to look for this setting in the settings application of your mobile or tablet and make sure you have a few gigabytes of free space in the internal storage.

Keep in mind that RAM is a faster type of memory than internal memory, so it won’t offer you the same experience as if the mobile had more real RAM, but almost.

Activate the automatic refresh rate or set it to its highest value

Refresh rates above 60 Hz have already been standardized on Android, and no matter how cheap a device is, the most normal thing is that its screen has a rate higher than this figure.

The refresh rate indicates the number of images you see per second every time something on the screen moves, and the higher the value of this, the smoother your Android smartphone or tablet will look.

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