Hitman 3 launch trailer with action and exotic locations, current trilogy comes to an end

The current Hitman trilogy is heading towards its end this Wednesday, January 20, with the launch of Hitman 3, an action and stealth video game where players have to get under the skin of Agent 47 in an adventure that will take them to explore exotic and luxurious locations full of creative opportunities, some of those locations can be seen in the launch trailer of the IO Interactive title, published a few minutes ago with ample doses of action.

Agent 47’s latest adventure hits stores for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Stadia this week.

With this video, the Copenhagen team once again emphasizes the places that we will have to visit with Hitman 3 if we want to successfully fulfill the different and challenging assignments, “meticulously detailed” environments but with great freedom of movement, among which we find the emirate from Dubai , the Chinese city of Chongqing , the Thornbridge mansion, in the heart of England, etc.

In Hitman 3 we will travel from Dubai to a large Chinese city passing through England

To show them in the launch trailer of Hitman 3, IO Interactive has accompanied the two and a half minute footage with a song sung by Mindy Jones with music by Bjarke Niemann.

Hitman 3 launches on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch under a cloud gaming version. The action adventure is presented as the end of a journey, a story where Agent 47 reunites with his old friend Lucas Gray and has to eliminate Providence’s partners. If you want to know more about the video game, you can consult some playable impressions with Hitman 3 published in 3DJuegos where Carlos Gallego recounted some of his news and showed his enthusiasm for one of the most outstanding releases of the beginning of the year.

Hitman 3 and its exclusivity with the Epic Games Store

The closure of the World of Assassination trilogy will arrive exclusively on PC for the Epic Games Store, something that raised doubts among users to take advantage of one of the attractions announced by those responsible, the possibility of importing and enjoying Hitman 3 of all the locations of Hitman and Hitman 2 for free, two video games that not a few computer players have in their Steam library. Today IO Interactive has been pronounced on this subject, assuring users that they will not have to buy the first two installments of the Hitman series again.

Hitman 3 launch trailer

On the pages of 3DJuegos you can consult the analysis of Hitman as well as the review of Hitman 2 , two proposals launched in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

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