Hisense bets on Google TV for its new 2022 ULED televisions

During this week, CES 2022 is being held in Las Vegas, the most important Consumer Electronics Fair of the year, and the preferred event for manufacturers to present the new televisions that will hit the market throughout this year. And during this year a new manufacturer will bet on Google TV.

This is Hisense, which during the announcement of its new ULED televisions – not to be confused with OLED – has confirmed that the new models will go from Android TV to Google TV, thus following in the footsteps of Sony and TCL, which since last year have been launching models with Google TV.

The new Hisense ULED with Google TV

In recent years, Hisense was already launching some models with Android TV, with which it was foreseeable that they would make the leap to Google TV, since it is the same operating system but with Google’s proprietary interface that integrates most streaming services.

Hisense bets on Google TV
Hisense bets on Google TV

During the presentation, Hisense presented four models or series for its high-end ULED. Its top of the range for this year is the U9H series, which bets on Mini LED backlighting (with more than 1,280 dimming zones), HDR +, a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, compatibility with 4K games at 120Hz, FreeSync variable refresh rate and a new updated processor to improve responsiveness. Of course, it will only be available in 75 inches at a price of $ 3,199.99.

With the U8H series we step down with models from 50 to 75 inches that offer the maximum brightness at 1,500 nits compared to the 2,000 nits of the U9H. With the U7H series we also lose the Mini LED backlighting and with the U6H series the 120 Hz refresh rate is also lost. These last two series will be available from 50 inches to 85 inches.

All ULED 2022 models, plus Google TV, will come with a built-in mic, Dolby Atmos , Dolby Vision IQ, and Filmmaker Mode. We will have to wait throughout this year for Hisense to announce its models worldwide to know their prices.

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