Google’s new ‘Sabrina’ Chromecast price leaked

Google has been preparing a new surprise for your television for months. It is the evolution of its famous ‘Sabrina’ Chromecast, which will move away from the original concept -dependent on the mobile- to have a remote control and thus compete directly with devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick .

Various leaks have made it clear that these new devices codenamed ‘Sabrina’ are very close to launch. The Android TV-based HDMI dongle, which appears to be part of the Nest family, has actually appeared by mistake in some retailers with a price tag of $ 49.99. If it meets expectations, that would make it a very interesting option for those who want to “supervitaminate” their Smart TV.

The Chromecast stays in the background, Sabrina becomes the protagonist

In June, those responsible for XDA-Developers showed a good set of details about this new dongle that will be based on Android TV and that will be totally independent of our mobile. It is just what the Amazon Fire TV Stick does, for example, and here Google’s proposal is to offer a device that allows access to a small set-top-box based on Android TV and that will have its own remote control.

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast

Even the interface of this device will also be a novelty and will make Android TV renew itself to adapt to this new product that according to all indications will be part of the Nest device family.

The product has appeared in several electronics chains in the United States: Home Depot, Target or Walmart have shown it temporarily in their catalog, and they have done so with a price of $ 49.99 , although it has also appeared with a price of $ 59.99 which could point to two different versions of this dongle.

Google is expected to announce these new devices building on the launch of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. The event dedicated to these devices has no confirmed date, but if Google keeps the deadlines from last year we should have all these products with us next October.

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